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Smash “Let’s Be Bad” 

Photo Credit: NBC

I’m not afraid to admit it: I’m totally fascinated by Ivy. Here is this scheming but talented, fragile but tough, grownup but childlike woman who is finally getting everything she wants. She was part of the chorus – I mean ensemble – for 10 years. Now she’s the star in a Marilyn Monroe musical but her insecurities are really starting to take their toll. I love her look and her voice; they are so appropriate for the part she’s set to play, but it’s hard to root for her when she can be so mean and petty. Megan Hilty is doing a great job of not only making me despise Ivy, but also see the conflicted, interesting, flawed human being behind all that bravado.

And when Karen takes a page out of Ivy’s handbook, things really get interesting. I like that Karen is much more innocent than Ivy, but she’s also got her issues. She’s a little worried about Dev’s work colleague RJ – although he’s never, ever given her a reason to doubt him. When she shows up to his dinner in that red dress – and doesn’t even get to sit at his table – I think we all knew things were about to get interesting. I kind of like that the persona Karen put on got her some much needed information for Dev, but I was uncomfortable watching her flirt with Mr. Denby.

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/NBC

I’m not at all uncomfortable when the sparks fly between Karen and Derek though. We know Derek is all about the musical. He’s consumed by it – always thinking about ways to make it better – and nothing will distract him. Do I think Karen’s attraction to Derek is dangerous? Absolutely. That’s why I’m enjoying that tension so much. But I’m not sure he’ll ever get serious with any woman, not when his first love is the theater. Even though Ivy has him (and that pairing is not working for me), she’ll never have him the way she wants him. I was really disappointed in Ivy when she spent the night with Derek after she confronted him on his horrible treatment of her. I was so proud, then so disappointed. Ivy expects special treatment because of their special relationship, but Derek’s never going to give her that. I want her to wise up because despite everything I don’t want to see her hurt like that.

Photo Credit: NBC

Oh Julia. What the heck are you doing? She misses the call her son makes from jail because she’s “working” with Michael Swift. Tom tries to make her realize what she’s doing, but she can’t fight it – and it doesn’t seem like she really wants to. I don’t know if it’s the stress of the show, the worry about the adoption, or the conspicuous lack of a spouse that makes Julia give in, but she should’ve known better than to kiss Swifty on the street. Doesn’t she know her neighbors? Isn’t this thing a secret? Her son sees and I’m sure it’s just a matter or time before that blows up.

I like Tom’s lawyer friend John Goodwin. Well, he’s more than a friend but I wasn’t sure they’d get there especially when Tom kept answering his cell during dinner. So. Rude. But he’s definitely handy at the police station and although all doesn’t go that well in bed, I loved seeing them talk about how bad the sex was. I hope things get better soon because John’s hot and I like Tom with him.

Smash airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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