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Unpopular Opinion: I’m Not Excited for a Bones Baby, “The Change in the Game” 

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The photo above conveys my exact expression after watching the finale: sadness, disappointment. I have (like so many of you) been waiting for Booth and Brennan to get together. And I’ve been a fan since the beginning. I have watched every single episode from the beginning. I’ve been rooting for them from the beginning. I even watch repeats on TNT. That’s how invested I am in this show. But after the season finale I felt so manipulated. 

I get that the producers don’t want to show Booth and Brennan in a typical relationship; that would never work for them anyway. And I understand they may have felt some pressure to go to this place because of Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy. But I feel like that’s a lazy excuse. This wouldn’t be the first time in TV history that a show hid a star’s pregnancy. And, of course, I’m happy Emily Deschanel is pregnant. I’m ecstatic for her. I just don’t like how the writers/producers are letting it affect the show. I don’t feel like this makes sense for these characters right now. Who knows how many more seasons this could have gone, and by that, I mean a courtship. And by that, I mean them trying to be a couple – not more of this will they/won’t they or did they/didn’t they bullshit. I don’t know if this is a jump-the-shark moment for me, but I’m just not happy. I don’t like this change in the game.

So in Bones time maybe a month has passed between the ultimate and penultimate episode of this season, right? I’m fine with that. In real time it’s quite jarring to have them sleep together one week (really? you couldn’t even let us see them kissing?!) and then have Brennan pregnant the next week. Don’t get me wrong. I loved Booth’s reaction. His face lit up like a little kid. He’s a great father now and he’s going to continue being a great father. But I feel cheated. I need a honeymoon phase before jumping right into to the meat and bones (hee hee) of this relationship. Part of me wants to just go with it and trust the writers but part of me would like to stop being disappointed. Maybe Bones had an expiration date for me and that day has passed. Remember this or this? Clearly, I have strong feelings about these characters.

And what about Brennan’s aversion to marriage? Booth just went through this with Hannah. We know he’s traditional and he’s going to want to get married. Why have him deal with this issue again so soon after it ended his last relationship? I feel like there could’ve and should’ve been better planning. And, don’t forget, I liked Booth having someone in his life after Brennan rejected him. He waited around too long for her anyway and I was glad he was in love with someone who could return his feelings. Maybe that was the beginning of the end for me. I didn’t see the point in continuing to keep Booth and Brennan apart  after Hannah rejected his proposal and I can’t say I’ve loved the evolution of their relationship this season. Well, I don’t know if that’s true. I loved that Brennan was finally ready to admit her feelings for Booth and she did. I like that their relationship was a bit strained until Brennan decided to make an effort with Hannah. I would have liked to see Booth realize what he had with Hannah could never be a substitute for what he might have with Brennan.

And is Vincent Nigel-Murray so inconsequential that he’s forgotten so quickly? I would have liked to see all the squinterns get together and have a moment of remembrance. I would have liked something. I understand the nature of a procedural show like this can result in stand-alone episodes but that doesn’t always work and it really didn’t work here.

Sigh. I really feel like I could debate this for at least 10 more paragraphs but I’ve got to clear some headspace and an hour of my schedule every week. So it’s with a heavy heart but very strong resolve that I bid a not-so-fond farewell to Bones. It is TV Goodness no more.

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