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We Need to Know: Is Booth Finally Ready to Admit His True Feelings to Bones (Again)? 

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Tonight’s “The Bullet in the Brain” was a pretty stellar episode. We got some great guest stars in the form of Ryan O’Neal’s Max Keenan (I love him as Brennan’s father) and Arnold Vosloo as Booth’s old pal Jake Broadsky (you might remember him as Imhotep from The Mummy). David Boreanaz also directed the episode (it’s his 3rd time sitting in the director’s chair for Bones). And most importantly, I was feeling some sexual tension. The way Booth kept looking at Brennan at the end? Hot.

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me say I’m a fan of Hannah. She’s a means to and end, namely getting Booth and Brennan together, so I allow it. I like that Booth went out and found love after Bones rejected him. Maybe he rushed into things with Hannah but he was ready to give his heart to someone so he did. I like the way they’ve handled Brennan’s feelings this season as well. It’s about time she admitted she had feelings for Booth. I think he handled it the best way he could but now we see it’s getting to him. It looks like there’s something about this case that’s made him re-examine his feelings for Bones. And I say it’s about time.

Maybe it’s Booth once again confronting his immortality after the explosion (or the sniper fire) that makes him want to stop fighting his feelings for Brennan. He says he doesn’t want to let anyone down and he’s looking at Brennan when he says it, knowing he’s let her down in a big way recently. Whatever it is that’s prompted this change in his thinking, I’m for it. I can’t wait for them to be together, really together. Even Max wants that. I think we all do.

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