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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Schmidt Fredo Kisses Nick…Twice, New Girl “Injured” 

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX

We all know how much Schmidt wants to see Nick’s penis – it’s been documented in this episode and in “Naked.” So maybe it should’ve be a surprise to see Schmidt kiss his best friend. After Nick’s growth has been discovered, Jess decides to keep an eye on him during his shift at the bar. Of course, she tells Schmidt and Winston about it. What kind of friend would she be if she didn’t? Although Nick says its nothing, his friends are worried. And Schmidt is worried enough to kiss him. On the mouth. Twice. Now, in the moment I thought Schmidt might go in for a hug or a chest bump. I wasn’t quite expecting a kiss and neither was Nick. On the mouth. Either time. I love that Nick calls it a Fredo kiss, otherwise known as the Fredo kiss of death. That’s from The Godfather. Look it up, son… sorry. I just went all Schmidt on you there.

Bonus Moments:

Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX
  • Jess tackles Nick (hard) during a game of touch football. Maybe it was the way Schmidt was so condescending to her as the game started. Maybe Jess just wanted to show the boys should could be one of them. Whatever the reason, Jess tackles Nick and so begins the trip to the doctor, the cancer scare, and the clean(ish) bill of health. I loved seeing Jake Johnson‘s Nick Miller squirming around on the ground like a man in severe pain. But even funnier is watching Schmidt and Winston stand there as Nick screams for help. Only Jess seems concerned and Nick wants no part of her right now.
  • We see Nick’s business during his romp in the ocean. I’ve seen this episode twice now, but only once did I have access to a DVR. Yes, I rewound and repeated that moment a few times to make sure I got a little peek at Nick’s butt. I think I did. And it was cute. I approve.
  • The singing/rapping at the piano. So they’re all a little drunk – except Cece – and feeling the need to wax poetic. Winston takes this opportunity to play the piano and sing. Nick says he has a nice voice, but I think that’s the liquor talking. It is funny when Schmidt and Cece rap. It’s Jess who brings an abrupt halt to this feel-good party when she asks Nick what he’s done with his life. Nick did say she didn’t know how to be real and this is Jess proving him wrong.
  • That super serious (but so touching) moment at the bar where all of them start crying. On the one hand, it’s nice to see that Jess has become such an integral part of this group. They’re keeping an eye on Nick – who is diligently taking his menstrual cramp pills – and they start wondering what the growth might mean. Of course they discover it could be cancer and they all loose it. I love that they all cry. Now that’s friendship.
Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX
  • Winston’s car. First of all, who even knew Winston had a car? Yes, it was an illegal   recruitment gift but what’s the real story behind his attachment to this junker? The mechanic refuses to even classify it as a car, especially after Schmidt points out that the key is a paperclip attached to a keychain. Winston says it’s been with him through a lot, but the real reason he doesn’t seem to want to give it up is because a girl flashed him in that car. The male mind intrigues and confuses me.

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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