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We Need to Know: Can Anything Make ANTM Great Again? 

Photo Credit: Lisa Rose/The CW

I just haven’t been that happy with Cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model. When I first got into the show a handful of cycles ago, I would always fast forward through all the boring stuff. To me, the boring stuff was everything at home. I don’t care who’s fighting or who’s dirty or who’s mean. I used to think it was just about the challenges and the photos. But for the past few cycles I’ve forced myself to watch everything so I can weigh in with an informed opinion. I still think the stuff at home is boring, but it does give me some insight into who these girls are and what they want. And it’s good to know if someone’s a complainer or a diva because that will affect whether or not they get hired. But I think there’s just something about this cycle that’s turning me off and I want to know what it is!

It’s not the makeovers. Well, maybe it is for Molly but that weave is coming out. Hallejuah. I always love the makeover episode, especially if someone ends up in tears. It’s just hair people. And mine grows so slowly that cutting it even a few inches is a commitment. And if Tyra thinks you’ll be more striking, commercial, or high fashion with a new look? You’d better listen to her. I think she knows a think or two about modeling.

It’s not the judges. As I’ve mentioned before, I’d actually like to spend a little more time hearing them discuss what they like and what they don’t. I’d like to see them give more constructive criticism and maybe even talk about read-world situations – what they’ve seen on set, how they’d react if a model did or said something, etc. I guess I want it to be more interactive somehow.

It’s not the photographers/directors/stylists. As always, I’m impressed with the caliber of talent they attract. Some of these people are fashion royalty. It’s a treat to see how they work and to watch them direct the models.

It’s not the challenges. I don’t always love the challenges but I think they always show us something interesting. We see what the girls strengths are and how they handle of pressure of that particular challenge. And if they’re allowed to share the prize, we see where their alliances/allegiances are. Always interesting.

It’s not the photo shoots. I’m try to think if there’s been even one instance of  a photo shoot that I didn’t like. I like that they try to put the models in locales that are a challenge. They have to model on a wire? Great. They have to pose with bees or a baby leopard? Cool. They have to battle the elements? I love it. I don’t need it to be completely outrageous, but again, it’s always interesting to see how the girls react. It says a lot of whether or not they can make it in this business.

I guess it’s the models. I don’t know what goes into casting for this show but I’m sure looks are a small part of it. They want to make a good show, so I’m sure they look to cast “the bitch,” “the shy one,” “the androgynous one,” etc. And I get it. But they’d better be able to deliver some interesting photos because at the end of the day that’s what this show is about. If the girl has potential but isn’t there yet, that’s all the better. But I don’t want to spend time getting to know girls who aren’t ready to be there or who think they’re too good to be there. Next. So for the next cyle (assuming I stick around, which I probably will), please be a little more thoughtful in the casting stage. I’d really appreciate that.

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