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Relationship Recap: Catching up on Bones “The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck” and “The Doctor in the Photo” 

Photo credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

If you know anything about me, you know it’s almost impossible for me to be caught up on the shows I watch. I know, I know. Pathetic. But when I do eventually catch up, I like to talk about what’s interesting/note-worthy/surprising about the episodes. And for the last two episodes of Bones, I’m doing it in the form of a relationship recap.

So you may remember that I’m actually a Hannah fan. Less so lately but at the beginning of the season I was completely into her. I like that Booth isn’t waiting around for Brennan and I really like that he met Hannah in Afghanistan. Even though they moved in together a bit too quickly, Booth’s happy so I’m for it. Lately, though, I think the bloom has fallen off the rose. Remember when Hannah and Parker had they’re little meet cute? I didn’t find it that cute. Don’t get me wrong, I like that Parker is a Hannah fan. I even like that the meeting started out a bit rough and Hannah had to find a way in. I even like that Booth was trying too hard and Hannah had to make him back off. And yet, I’m kind of feeling ready for this arc to be done.

And then last week’s episode! Loved it. But first, let me take a step back. Ever since Booth got back from Afghanistan we’ve watched Brennan observe Booth and Hannah and claim to be ok with it. At first, I believed her. If you truly care about someone, you want them to be happy (whether or not they’re with you). But lately I think we’ve all noticed Brennan reacting more to looks and touches Booth and Hannah share. She’s jealous and it’s about time. Fight for your man Bones!

So last week’s episode was a sort of revelation for Bones, and a painful one. Not only did she worry she wouldn’t be remembered (or even missed if she went missing), but she realized she should have given Booth a chance. It was a very nice change to see Bones act out so out of character (but not something I want to see regularly). And when she tells Booth she has feelings for him? Amazing. I loved the way she told him. I loved the way he handled it. Wow. That scene was so uncomfortable yet so honest. I like that Booth tells Brennan Hannah isn’t a consolation prize. Good. No one should be. And even though Brennan claims she’s all right, I think we know she’s not. I can’t wait to see whether or not Booth tells Hannah about Brennan’s feelings. If he does, things could get very uncomfortable. I can’t wait.

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