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Homeland “Marine One” 

Photo Credit: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME

Another week, another great episode of Homeland. My expectations were pretty high because every episode this season has been so good. And the finale didn’t disappoint. Not only was Brody ready and willing to go through with the suicide bombing, but he made more than one attempt at it. Carrie tried to expose him but her condition meant that absolutely no one was interested in anything she had to say, even Saul. When Carrie decides to seek a permanent solution to her mental problems she remembers that Brody knew Abu Nasir’s son Issa. The only problem? Her brain’s been fried because of her shock treatment and her short term memory loss may be permanent.

Photo Credit: Kent Smith/SHOWTIME

So what does this mean for Season Two? Carrie’s burned her bridges at Langley but does that mean she’s out of the CIA for good? She’s intelligent with a sharp mind. Maybe since she’s working on her mental health some other agency will let her take a seat at the table. We should remember how resourceful Carrie can be. Is she above blackmail to get reinstated? Will blackmail even get her anywhere? I’d like to see her doing what she does best. I just wonder how she’ll get there.

As for Brody, his military record and the immense amount of exposure to the public will certainly get him elected. He’ll try to bring the establishment down from the inside by “killing the idea,” instead of killing the man. I wonder how committed to this goal Brody is. We saw that he was willing to die and that his daughter just managed to pull him back from the brink. He now realizes that he needs to be around for his family. Can I be happy that he didn’t kill himself? Am I allowed to be happy that he didn’t press charges against Carrie?

I know I’m being incredibly naive, but part of me wants to see Brody expose the hypocrisy of what the government’s been doing. The fact that they went to such lengths to cover it up means even they know what they’ve done is wrong. I’m sure there’s much the American public will never know – and never want to know – about the war machine, but I think it’s important for someone to be held responsible. On both sides. We’ll see how successful Brody is with that mission.

Homeland returns for Season 2 in 2012.

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