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Love To Hate ‘Em: Alderman Ronin Gibbons, The Chicago Code 

Photo Credit: FOX

It’s so rare that I actually like a pilot (a sad but true fact) so I was pleasantly suprised by the pilot for The Chicago Code. I love it when cop shows aren’t procedurals. I like seeing the cops off duty or trying to deal with their personal lives while on the job, especially if they aren’t perfect. And who is more imperfect then Delroy Lindo‘s Adlerman Ronin Gibbons. Talk about a character you can really love to hate? In fact, I’m already there.

There is just something about a man in an expensive suit that I find appealing, and I’m glad Delroy Lindo doesn’t give a slick, over-the-top performance. He’s got the finesse to take us along for the ride – and maybe even make us question what the cops think they know. It’s more fun – at least for me – when the bad guy isn’t so obvious. I want him to get caught but I like the cat-and-mouse game. I want him to be brought to justice, but I want to see our heroes outsmart him. I want him to pay for what he’s done, but I want the families that he’s hurt to know exactly who did the hurting and I want them to demand justice. And it’s always great when the bad guys don’t think they’re that bad. I’m sure Gibbons thinks there are people in Chicago who are much worse than him. He never has to do the dirty work so his hands are clean, at least metaphorically. Maybe he doesn’t let himself think about things too long. If he focuses on the bigger picture – making a name for Chicago while making a name for himself – he won’t realize how many laws he’s broken or how many times he’s stepped over the line.

I’m sure we haven’t really gotten a taste of what Gibbons is capable of. Yes, we know he’s the reason a woman and her husband were killed. But I want to see what else he’ll do to maintain his position of power. I want to know what else he’s got his tentacles in. I want to know how far this corruption goes. As the police uncover more and we learn just what Gibbons has been up to all these years, the evidence will mount and the audience will want justice. I’m not there yet. It’s clear he’s capable of awful things but there’s no direct connection to Gibbons on anything yet. Superintendent Colvin and her unofficial task force have a lot of leads and a lot of suspicions, but I need proof. And as they get that proof, I’ll want to see Gibbons pay. For now I’m happy with the balance of power – Gibbons remaining untouched while the cops come at him as quietly and craftily as they can. When they’ve got proof, I’ll be ready to see Gibbons go down but not before that. In the meantime, I think I’ll enjoy getting to know how his devious mind works. He’s a formidable adversary but this group of Chicago cops is up to the challenge.

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