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Five OMG Moments from Scandal “Beltway Unbuckled” 

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Please tell me I’m not the only one that freaked the you-know-what out at the end of the latest mind-blowing episode of Scandal. I seriously don’t know how this show keeps up the pace that it does. It continues to provide a series of explosive moments that has me literally screaming at the way the events unfold. There were at least five of them that had me glued to the television. And now we have to wait TWO WEEKS for the action to continue. This show has momentum. I don’t want to wait two weeks. Do you? OK, let’s get to what went down in “Beltway Unbuckled.”

The Synopsis: A DC college student goes missing and her grieving parents come to Pope & Associates for help. Meanwhile David is still investigating the Cytron case and gets help from a very surprising source; and in the White House, Fitz feels the pressure as Mellie proves once again that she’s a political powerhouse.

Five OMG Moments

The President realizes the precarious predicament that he’s in. The case of the Kurkistani diplomat who killed Jenny Nystrom, the 19-year-old college girl/anonymous D.C. blogger/party girl, turned out to be bad news for Fitz. Because of the guy’s diplomatic immunity, his hands were tied as far as trying to get justice for her. But that didn’t stop the president’s wife and his mistress from working together to get him to take action anyway. I loved the scene where Fitz lamented (complete with hysterical laughter) to Cyrus how he has these two women in his life that are political geniuses:

Fitz: “I’m the leader of the free world. I’m arguably the most powerful man on the planet and I am being brought to my knees by my wife and my…and Olivia Pope.”
Cyrus: “This is a political nightmare. Jenny Nystrom has become more important than the entire nation of East Sudan thanks to Liv and Mellie.”
Fitz: “They worked together.  I…they worked together.”
Cyrus: “The women in your life play a mean game of political chess.”
Fitz: “Game over. They win.”

Abby jumps further into bed with David Rosen. OK, well, this wasn’t a total shocker but it was definitely one of the bigger moments. My favorite part had to be when Abby broke into David’s apartment and saw his very own “A Beautiful Mind” wall devoted to the Quinn Perkins case. The fact that David was trying to get close to her because of this didn’t phase her. And, I guess it shouldn’t because I do feel like there are real feelings there. Abby did what I thought she was going to do — she’s going to get the true story of what happened. And if that involves going through her boss so be it. Abby continues to question Olivia’s secrecy and her decisions. She’s over trying to get Olivia to open up to her. She can’t understand her need to go above and beyond to protect Quinn. And by the way, it wasn’t so much Abby jumping further into bed with David, it involved jumping into the shower with him.

The President — in essence — breaks up with Olivia Pope. How cool was it when Olivia arrived at the restaurant (the “old place” she shared with Cyrus) and one second the place was filled with other diners; then the next second it was empty. And Secret Service lined the room. That’s when we all knew she wasn’t meeting with Cyrus but the POTUS himself. First, Fitz tells Olivia they’re deporting that awful Kurkistani diplomat. Then he lets her go. He thinks that’s what she wants. And, to be honest, it was probably a little bit of him taking back the power in the relationship. After all, he’s been acting like a jealous idiot as of late and he admitted to Cyrus that Olivia and Mellie had “brought him to his knees” earlier in the episode. It was a sad scene, however. One line early in the conversation that got to me:

Fitz: “You must really hate me…for falling in love with you.”

Olivia questioned what future there could be for the two. Right now, there’s none.

Fitz: “Fine. We’re done.”
Olivia: “What?”
Fitz: “I’m letting you go. That’s what you want, right? And look, I’ll drop the charges against Edison. The Ethics Committee doesn’t need to look at him. It’s fine. You go your way, I’ll go mine. I’m married. I have children. I can’t do this. It’s not fair to you or to me or to Mellie or to the country. I have to be responsible. Right?”
Olivia: “Right.”

I wish these two could be together. There’s just no way. That doesn’t mean they’re not one of the hottest couples in all of primetime television. Witness Olivia breaking down after Fitz and his security team leave the restaurant. That was a devastating scene.

We find out who’s involved in the Quinn Perkins conspiracy. This is the part where I really freaked out. Early in the episode, David paid a visit to oil man and big ticket political power player Hollis Doyle. Rosen knows Quinn’s boyfriend (the one that was killed in the blast) had made a bunch of calls the week to Hollis’s office before his death. David’s inquiry instigated a meeting of the minds, so to speak. All the players involved in this conspiracy met behind closed doors: Hollis, Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton, Cyrus, Olivia and MELLIE. Fitz’s women working together again. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the president because everyone in that room is tied to him in some fashion. I was floored to see these power players together while Fitz was out of the country for the G8 summit. Beltway unbuckled, indeed.

Huck falls of the wagon…again. Huck’s addiction to “whiskey” was dealt with again. Despite his trips to AA, he fell off the wagon in a big, big way and this all has to do with that sleazy diplomat again. With the guy being deported, there was no real justice for what he did. He killed a 19-year-old girl. His parents certainly weren’t satisfied with what went down — in the name of politics — and the dad was going to take matters in his own hand. Huck tried to talk him out of it but he couldn’t. So he took care of it. All of a sudden those parents see a news story about the diplomat being found dead from an apparent heart attack. Wow, Huck. What did you do?

Scandal airs Thursdays on ABC at 10/9c. But, remember, it’s not on next week due to the CMA Awards being televised.

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