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Ten Favorite Moments from Leverage “The Experimental Job” 

Photo Credit: TNT

“The Experimental Job” was a great start to this back portion of Leverage’s Season 4. It was a well done caper, so glad that smug Dust Man kid got his just desserts. It was just an enjoyable, engrossing hour of TV. I tried to take notes while I watched but was so caught up, it didn’t happen. So that means I had to immediately watch the episode again. And let me tell you, it was just as great the second time around. Ten of my favorite moments from the episode:1. Eliot tries to charm the Boston cop — he thinks his seductive ways will help get them information. But the lady cop (who rocks by the way) lets him know maybe Sophie’s the one who should be calling her. Not him. And then she leaves the “sealed” file with them for five minutes. Go Sophie.

2. I love the contrast of what Hardison is going through at the college with the richie rich kids cutting back-and-forth with what Eliot is going through at the homeless shelter. First when the both of them arrive at the party and the shelter, respectively. Then again when Hardison is being hazed and Eliot’s going through his own version of hazing. But it’s not nearly as pretty as what Hardison’s going through. It’s such a study in opposite ends of the spectrum, the haves and the have nots. It’s sad what happens to the forgotten.

Photo Credit: TNT

3. Alec is having confidence issues because he’s a big geek and he needs to act cool. Parker gives him a pep talk about playing with his pretend (video game) friends and lets him know if he was cool enough to “kill the guy with the thing” then he’ll be cool enough here at the party. Sophie wants to know if that “pep talk” really worked. Hardison said no but the fact that Parker thought it would work, worked for him. Parker and Hardison have each other’s backs. They try to help each other out with life’s issues.

4. At the party, Hardison is talking to preppy 206 boy and then all of a sudden Parker comes back acting all drunk and goes on a rant and ends up kissing Hardison. That kiss? So hot.

5. Shallow TV Alert: Hardison’s forced to strip down to his boxers. Let’s just say he’s one of the hottest and most well-built geeks around. Wow. Only on TV does someone that looks like that get labeled a geek. Love it.

6. I love Eliot’s sessions with the guy who’s supposed to try and break him. The most intense one was when Eliot was talking about not being able to forget about the people he killed. And how it’s punishment enough living with that knowledge every day. You get the sense he wasn’t faking that confession. That Eliot Spencer is a deep individual. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different.

Photo Credit: TNT

7. After Eliot complains about how cold it is in those cells, Parker brings coats to all of the homeless men. So cool.

8. Eliot beating up his interrogator to find out where Hardison is. And then afterwards, he lets the other homeless guys out and they revolt against the establishment. Eliot’s just so awesome, isn’t he?

9. Alec’s captives start to beat him up. He defends himself but when they gang up on him, it’s Parker to the rescue. Love these lines: “You’re no Dust Man, you’re a geek!” “Should I tell him it’s the Age of the Geek?” “They’ll figure it out eventually.” I rewound this scene a few times because it was so great.

10. Nate explains how everything went down with trapping the head Dust Man. Love the fact they got the CIA guy to turn on him and remove his protection so that kid’s a goner. And I totally loved that the lady cop worked with them. She’s got no time for politics. She’s all about justice.

BONUS: The group has another enemy. The CIA guy says the Leverage group has now attracted his attention. That can’t be good.

Did you catch the previews for next week? I don’t watch NBC’s The Office but I’m unnaturally excited to see how this show is going to pull of their version of the hit Must-See comedy.

Leverage airs Sundays at 9/8c on TNT.

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