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Finale Watch: How I Met Your Mother “Challenge Accepted” 

Photo Credit: CBS

Sitcom plotting 101 dictates that a vomiting female is a fairly sure sign of pregnancy, especially when said female has been desperate to get pregnant and then given up on it (at least for a while), so when the HIMYM season finale went down that road with Lily, you pretty much knew. It was an interesting misdirect that she and Marshall consumed the same soup and he kept waiting and waiting and waiting for his bout with the bowl to kick in, but it never did.

Since this is sitcom land, we also had the added sound effects of Lily-as-a-velociraptor every time she hurled, and an over-the-top description of (thankfully offscreen) things that would induce even a person not felled by food poisoning to gag. So, at the very end, after a craptastic day for Lily, and for Marshall, who had a complete meltdown after bolting a promising job interview while waiting to be sick, the sun rose on a new day (in every way) and a sheepish Lily came in to tell Marshall, who’d slept soundly all night, that she was pregnant. Finally a little good news–if you disregard the fact that they wanted to wait a year until Marshall had sure footing in a new job…

I guess TPTB tabled their hesitation about having one of the core five unable to imbibe at McLaren’s. It’s been six seasons, so I think it’s time. After all, Friends made two pregnancies (three if you count the Bing adoption) work. We’ll see how that shakes out come fall. Oh, and the sneaky coda was that the wedding teased off and on all season was Barney’s. Saw that coming, but glad to have it confirmed.

There was a brief reconnect between Barney and Robin as they chased down Ted to keep him from reconciling with Zoey. They finally put to bed that yes, they had loved each other, and going back down that road was a bad idea, just before he ran into Nora and apologized for running away, so we can assume maybe possibly that she’s the future Mrs. Stinson? I’d be down with that. Happy hiatus!

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