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We Need to Know: When Are Zoe and Wade Coupling Up on Hart of Dixie? 

Photo Credit: The CW

Come on. Just look at the way Zoe’s looking at Wade in this picture. We already know he’s in love with her. Is it too much to assume she may have some feelings for him too? At the end of “Hairdos and Holidays,” it seemed like Zoe was ready to move on from George – for now. Some might make the case that Zoe and George are meant to be together one day (when both he and Lemon come to their senses and realize they’re both in love with other people), but I’m making the argument that Zoe and Wade belong together right now. And I’m pretty sure quite a few of you agree with me.

Photo Credit: The CW

Let’s try to look at this objectively. Nope, sorry that won’t work. I’ve got my Wade-colored glasses on and the view is just fine. Why? Wade is adorable. He’s got a great body, although not the best track record with women. Zoe didn’t even realize he was married, but to be fair he didn’t tell her. Zoe’s already made out with Wade, although she conveniently chooses to forget that fact. There’s just something about Wade that makes Zoe keep looking. Maybe it’s the washboard abs and pretty face at first but I’d like to believe she’s actually looking beyond that now.

What good can come out of this uptight city doctor and laid back country bartender getting together? It could do so much good for both of them. Wade needs a little stability in his romantic life and when Zoe gets involved, she goes all in whether or not she’s in love with that person. And because Zoe goes all in, it would be nice if her boyfriend actually loved her. Her last relationship lasted six years but she doesn’t even know if she loved the guy. With this next relationship I would hope she wasn’t just going through the motions. Wade is someone who could come to mean a lot to Zoe. I just want her to open her heart and give him a chance.

Who’s with me?

Hart of Dixie returns with new episodes Monday, Jan. 23rd at 9/8c.

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