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Gone Too Soon: Sebastian Roche’s Papa Original Mikael on The Vampire Diaries 

Photo Credit: The CW

I know. I know. I should’ve written this article five weeks ago.

I’m a relatively recent Sebastian Roche devotee and I’ve come to know and love him through his roles on Fringe and Supernatural. So when I found out he’d have an arc on The Vampire Diaries I was ecstatic. The details were very sketchy at first – you know how those TVD people can be. When we discovered he was a vampire hunter that was exciting. When we heard he was a vampire hunter hunting vampires that was intriguing. When we found out he was Klaus and Rebekah’s father that was surprising. And when Klaus killed him, I was shocked and disappointed. I wanted more time with him, especially since we learned the true story of who really killed the Original witch. But I guess I’ll have to reflect fondly (or not) on the time we did have. Let’s revisit.

Photo Credit: The CW

We (finally) got our first glance at Mikael in “The End of the Affair.” The scene was brief, but we learned some vital information: Mikael was someone Klaus was actually afraid of. So terrified, in fact, that he compelled Stefan – who was like a brother to him in 1920s Chicago – to forget him and Rebekah. Klaus has never felt threatened by anyone so I knew right away that Mikael was a major badass.

Damon prevents Klaus from killing him in “The Reckoning” by telling him Mikael knows he’s in Mystic Falls. Although Damon’s lying Katherine and Jeremy manage to track Mikael down to where he’s been entombed since the 90s. I love what the threat of Mikael does to Klaus. And not that it would have ever happened, but if Klaus had actually killed Damon that would’ve been the end of my infatuation with him. No one kills a Salvatore and gets away with it. Not even Klaus.

Katherine couldn’t figure out how to awaken Mikael in “Smells Like Teen Spirit” until she gets fresh blood into his mouth. But Mikael hasn’t fed on living things for a long time and he doesn’t want to start again now. He tells Katherine he can and will kill Klaus but he can’t do that until he’s free of his chains. After Katherine releases him, Mikael seizes Katherine to feed on her. I was briefly scared he’d drain her, especially after she stopped fighting. But we all know Katherine eventually comes out on top don’t we?

I was intrigued by a vampire who would only drink from other vampires. It seemed noble in a way and different. Maybe this guy wasn’t as bad as Klaus and Rebekah had made him out to be. This was a very different vampire and vampire hunter than I expected.

Photo Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW

We got some serious backstory on the Originals in “Ordinary People.” Vampirism was a form of protection? So interesting. I would have never guessed that in a million years and I love that the writers keep surprising us. We also find out that Mikael is Papa Original and all his children are so scared of him they’ve decided to stick together as one. Rebekah fondly calls Klaus a traitor which, of course, turns out to be prophetic.

In “Homecoming,” the gang comes up with a plan to get Klaus back in town. They’ve daggered Mikael, something Klaus will want to see and savor. Mikael possesses a stake made from the anicent oak tree, but as insurance he’s not telling anyone where it is. Rebekah still blames Mikael for destroying their family despite now knowing the truth about Klaus. What a great emotional scene! It was brief but it made me want to see more interactions between these two Originals.

One of my favorite moments from this episode? Seeing Mikael turn Klaus’s hybrids against him and proving there’s at least one vampire who can stay a step ahead of him. And all that drama between father and son during their confrontation? Wow. It brought the show’s daddy issues to a whole new level.

My one (kinda big) quibble? We all new Mikael had to die – eventually. I trust the writer’s completely but I would’ve loved to see more interaction between Mikael and his children. He had so much to make up for and I kind of would to have liked to see him try.

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday, January 5th at 8/7c on the CW.

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