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Relationship Recap: Justified’s Boyd and Ava 

Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

Well, thank GOD they didn’t just rip each other’s clothes off, but separately, and then together, Ava and Boyd finally realized they sort of work together with whatever it is that their ridiculously convoluted history has yielded so far.

They came together last season as enemies, when he was by all appearances set to just claim her as his wife until he was ventilated by the business end of a gun. Then Ava just disdained him. But this season began with him ferreting her away from a crime scene after the fallout with Raylan when he cheated with Winona, and then, somehow, they became roommates, allies, and friends and she went so far as to lie for him about the mine explosion. I feel there’s a kinship there, but not really any kind of heat, and maybe that’s because to me, in may ways, Boyd seems so childlike. They need each other in a familial way.

In “Debts and Accounts,” Boyd took his leave from Ava because of his willful and deliberate descent back into lawlessness, and she was happy to see him go, or so she thought, but then she found herself pining for him. And when he came home, to stand in front of the house and wait for a glimpse of her, ony to find her coming up the road behind him, they came together in a sweet, tender kiss that ended in an embrace. Rather chaste for FX, but powerful for these two wounded characters. It may not be love yet, but it’ll do.

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