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Person of Interest “Number Crunch” 

Photo Credit: CBS

Now, that’s what I call a fall finale! When a cluster of four numbers come up almost simultaneously it’s more than Reese and Finch can handle. When you run a lean operation like they have, there’s only so much John can do out in the field by himself. After the woman whose social security number popped first turns up murdered, John recruits Fusco and Finch to help him track the three remaining people. Finch has very little experience – and even less comfort – in the field. He can’t see what John can because he’s not really sure what he’s looking for. When Finch loses his guy to a bomb, he’s so upset he wasn’t able to help him. That feeling of helplessness will spur him into action later when John needs him most.

Photo Credit: CBS

Coming into this episode I knew Carter’s loyalty to John would be tested. It’s strange to use the word loyalty with these two characters because they barely even have a relationship. Carter is looking to find as much information on him as she can to arrest him and John’s specialty is being invisible. Even though John still acts like a bad guy, Carter’s having trouble reconciling that with the fact that he saved her life. And when the CIA approaches her and tells her some of John’s history, she’s further conflicted. But at the end of the day she’s still a cop and she’s got a job to do. So when John calls to offer her a get-out-of-jail-free card at work, Carter turns on him. I can’t say I was surprised, but I was certainly disappointed. Even though I get why Carter did what she did, I didn’t like it.

Carter accompanies Snow to confront John. What’s interesting is John doesn’t seem fazed by this betrayal. I probably imagined disappointment in his eyes because it seems like almost nothing people do surprises him. I mean, he was ready for that ambush. I just didn’t expect him to get shot at (and hit) so many times. And I was worried. I may have even teared up a bit as John struggled down the stairs and warned Finch to stay away. When John thanked Finch for giving him a second chance? My heart almost broke. I think we all knew Carter would let Finch get away with John. He saved her life and now she’s saved his.

As a bonus, we get an unexpectedly light moment when John wants to make an appointment at the salon. Of course, he rushed in because he thought Wendy was in trouble and now she’s persuaded him to get something a little more “modern.” And when she asks him if he’s single? I loved John’s delayed and slightly confused reaction. Even better? When Wendy announces his single status to the entire salon. What a great moment.

Person of Interest airs Thursdays at 9/8c.

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