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Relationship Recap: Auggie and Annie, “Covert Affairs” 

Photo Credit: USA Network

Let me say right out of the gate that I’m NOT a shipper. I love, love, love Annie and Auggie together precisely because they just fit. It’s so refreshing to have two stunningly attactive leads on a show without the pine factor. They can spar, hug each other, and be touchy feely without the dreadful awkward pause.

Auggie has been Annie’s staunchest ally since she joined the agency, and she’s been a breath of fresh air for him–a new set of eyes through which to see the agency and the world at large. They are genuinely best friends and I love that they keep pulling each other out of the fire.

When he flirted with the idea of leaving operations (and her) for a flack job (which we at home believed for about a minute and a half), we saw both of them sort of panic about not being together every day.

Photo Credit: USA Network

When she was undercover at the Farm, he showed up unexpectedly (and thankfully lost his shirt!) to help her set up a ruse for a suspect.

When he went to Istanbul to seek revenge on the terrorist who blinded him and killed his squad, she talked him down so that he delivered a suspect who was still breathing.

In the summer finale, he waited all night at the hospital for her and she was thrilled to find him sprawled across the waiting room chairs when she was released.

Photo Credit: USA Network

Another bonus–they’ve both been allowed to have separate love interests (and for her, the whole Ben arc) without it being a source of agita for the other.

All kudos to Piper Perabo and Chris Gorham. They are both eminently capable of playing hard drama, but here they bring out a light in each other that is infectious. Even when I’m not totally nuts about the plotting in Covert Affairs, I can always watch the adventures of Auggie and Annie. I look forward to their fall return (yay!).

P.S. In case you missed it, the entire cast’s 45-minute panel (moderated by Oded Fehr) from Comic-Con is online at USA.

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