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Karma’s a Bitch Named Grammy Gallagher, Shameless “A Bottle of Jean Nate” 

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I can’t even tell you how much I’m enjoying see karma kick Frank in the ass. Now we know why Frank’s the way he is and I guess it’s surprising he’s not worse. And the only reason he’s not worse is because, to our knowledge, he’s never tried to build a meth lab in the basement like Grammy Gallagher did. Does that woman have a good opinion about anyone or has she ever had a thought she doesn’t share? I actually like that she gives Frank a hard time and I kind of like that she’s showering gifts on the kids, but she’s also teaching at least one of them (Carl) some really bad habits. I agree with Fiona and Frank. She’s got to go.

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You know it’s serious when Fiona teams up with Frank on something. I thought we’d see pigs fly before we saw Frank and Fiona united in a common cause. But even Fiona can see the potential damage Grammy will cause. They just need to come up with a plan to get her out of there. After the paramedics have to bring Grammy home after a day out without Frank, the plan seems to have changed. She’s got stage four pancreatic cancer – so she didn’t lie to the prison board like Frank assumed – and it seems like she doesn’t have long to live. Is it sick that I’m hoping Grammy will make Frank keep nursing her? I mean, it’s a bit disturbing to see Frank sponge bath her and change her adult diaper, but it’s also kind of funny. And, quite frankly, he deserves much worse.

Other Developments:

  • Steve – I mean Jimmy – tells Fiona he loves her. Yes, he’s still married. Yes, he got married to get himself out of trouble in Brazil or Costa Rica. Whatever. Fiona can’t forgive him for lying about who he is or for offering to leave his wife so cavalierly, although Steve/Jimmy doesn’t see the problem.
Photo Credit: Showtime
  • Karen’s marriage to Jody is already over. Everything he does and says annoys her and after she gets Lip’s help to backdate a pre-nup, she kicks him out. Since Zach McGowan is now a series regular we’ll see how long that lasts.
Photo Credit: Showtime
  • Jasmine gets drunk at the boat party. Not only does she kiss Fiona, but she tells her she loves her. And when Jasmine asks to crash at casa Gallagher, we learn that Jasmine’s husband has kicked her out. She also doesn’t understand why Fiona can’t do this one thing for her especially since she helped Fiona find a job last winter, introduced her to Richard, and has given her clothes and jewelry.
  • Kevin is taking Esther’s desertion pretty hard and after Esther 2 escapes into the garden we realize V’s taking it really hard too. Maybe the time they had with Esther made them realize it was time for them to have their own kid. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Lip and Ian finally have it out. Ian’s tired of living in Lip’s shadow and has the balls to say that after they beat each other up. Why can’t guys just tell each other how they feel? In any case, I’m happy they’re friends again.

Shameless airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime.

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