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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from Castle “Head Case” 

Photo Credit: ABC

Episode: “Head Case”

Writer: David Grae

  • “Where’d they go?” “You’re the one with all the crazy theories, Castle.” “Walking dead.”
  • “Anyone else have the sudden urge to run through the streets screaming, ‘They’re here’?”
  • “They all have contracts with us. We cryo-preserve them.” “To be brought back to life in a science-fiction future where death has a cure.” “Think they can put me under ’til the wedding?”
  • “You got any celebrities in here? Ted Williams. Jack Frost?”
  • “You get that doublespeak from their council?” “No, sir. My mother was a lawyer.”
  • “He also has a carry permit.” “What? I couldn’t even get a carry permit. How did he get one?” “The hard way. Several guys saw their girlfriends in his videos and beat the hell out of him.” “No longer jealous.”
  • “Would you do it? Would you get the implants?” “Like I need them, huh?” “I mean…the pharmaceutical implants.”
  • “Well, that had nothing to do with Hamilton. There was a flock of pigeons on my roof this morning, squawking. I was trying to sleep.” “Pigeons. That’s what you’re going to go with?”
  • “You sure?” “Yeah, Castle. I think I can manage without you for a few hours.” All right, don’t look so happy about it.”
  • “There’s still time to cryonically freeze the little guy.”
  • “Sweet pea. This is a ‘don’t ask don’t tell hotel.'” “So you didn’t ask. Could you tell?”
  • “Is this a boy in the plastic bubble thing or what?”
  • “Please stay back, ma’am?” “Twist my arm.”
  • “Dude, there better not be body parts in there.”
  • “I hope she doesn’t end up auditioning for Beau Randolph.”
  • “Maybe Frankenstein’s monster came back and killed Frankenstein.”
  • “Guys! Hold up. Stop doing that thing you do for one second. Thank you. Now all of the theorizing is cute as usual, but we’ve got a problem.”
  • “A break in? Really? Is that what you’re going with?”
  • “NYPD! Open up, Boyd!” “I don’t think he’s opening up.”
  • “He went out the window through the firescape.” “Yeah, you think?” “Just excited.”
  • “He’s got the head. Beckett, he’s got the head.” “I can see that!”
  • “Talk about taking a header.”
  • “Why would anyone steal a head?”
  • “Well, then, why did you steal his head? Did you miss him?”
  • “That’s what the great love stories are about, right? Beating the odds?” “I hope they make it.” “Me too.”

Did we miss any? Castle airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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