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Rewind and Repeat: It’s Hammer Time on Dexter “Those Kinds of Things” 

Photo Credit: Showtime

I didn’t expect so much humor in the season six premiere of Dexter. I feel like Masuka is usually the (gross) comic relief but in “Those Kinds of Things” Michael C. Hall brought the funny. There may great moments, may of which all played out at Dexter’s high school reunion. I love that he was so surprised to be popular now. But as Harry said, since he’s now has a great job and is a bit of a celebrity because of Rita’s death Dexter’s got to get used to the attention. Of course, all that attention gets in the way of him investigating former classmate Joe Walker but I’m so happy Dexter actually enjoyed some of the reunion festivities. Let’s revisit.

Big and small moments of humor:

  • The introduction to Dexter’s new nanny. I love that she’s partially clothed and I love that Angel’s appearance really makes it weird.
  • Dexter studying up on how to play football in his science geek way.
  • One interesting – and definitely chuckle worthy moment is when Tricia Billings takes Dexter into their old science classroom and “thanks” him for letting her cheat off his tests all those years ago. Dexter thinks things are about to get complicated but she doesn’t seem to want anything in return. Nice. Dexter has an orgasm and he doesn’t have to call her in the morning.
  • The best part of the episode – and yes, I did rewind and repeat – was seeing Dexter out on the dance floor trying – and failing – to dance on the beat of MC Hammer’s “You Can’t Touch This.” He wasn’t too bad once he made an effort. Watching him dance was funny and it was so refreshing to see a genuine smile.

And a Deb-related moment:

  • I had to smile when Deb noticed Quinn acting weird. Of course she noticed his strange behavior and called him on it in her very straightforward, no BS way. That’s Deb.

It’s moments like these that make me really enjoy this show. I like all the dark, dramatic stuff too but I feel like Dexter is growing as a person, allowing himself to feel things. Strange, right? I love it.

Dexter airs Sundays on Showtime at 9/8 c.

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