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Relationship Recap: Diane And Will on The Good Wife “The Death Zone” 

Photo Credit: CBS

I’ve loved Josh Charles and Christine Baranski for quite some time and if there was ever any question about why they earned those Emmy nominations, “The Death Zone” proves why they also deserved to win. Will and Diane were on fire tonight: great dialogue, great facial expressions, great tension. Sometimes just a look said so much. I like what they each conceal and reveal. I like how they talk to each other. I like that they have different agendas. I just really like them.

Their partnership hasn’t always been an easy one. There was a time Diane felt like she couldn’t trust Will and almost went out on her own to start a new firm. There was also a time when Diane and Will had each other’s backs completely because their firm was being threatened first by Jonas Stern and later by Derrick Bond. In “The Death Zone” Diane even goes so far to point out that the firm is their lives. And by the end of the episode they’re on the same page. I wonder if Diane will have to hold Will to his word and if she does, what that’ll do to Will and Alicia.

In case you missed any of their great back-and-forths:

Diane: “Is there something I should know?”

Will: “About?”

Diane: “I just don’t want to be blind-sided.”

Will: “Have you noticed you’re turning into me? All the sports metaphors.”

Diane: “A better version of you.”


Will: “…but let’s not expose ourselves on a subway platform unless we have to.”

Diane: “What a colorful and pointless metaphor.”

Will: “Thank you. It’s the Brits. I think I’m picking up their accents.”

Diane: “I noticed. It really classes up the joint.”


Diane: “We can’t be the enemy of the State’s attorney.”

Will: “We’re not.”

Diane: “He wanted to audit us.”

Will: “Because he wants to run a clean office.”

Diane: “This is crazy. She’s supposed to work for us. If she’s working against, we should let her go.”

Will: “She’s not.”

Diane: “But if she is.”

Will: “Then… we’ll let her go.”

Diane: “If she works against us we are letting her go. I can hold you to that?”

Will: “Yes.”


Wow. I can’t wait to see how Will and Diane’s relationship continues to grow and develop. Until next week.

The Good Wife airs Sundays on CBS at 9/8 c.

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