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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from The Vampire Diaries “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes” 

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Episode: “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes”
Writers: Evan Bleiweiss & Julie Plec

  • “What — What am I going to say to him?” “Thanks for not ditching the family ring after it drove Ric crazy? You should have called Stefan.”
  • “In all fairness, I mean, I think you killing him kind of trumps that. I think you should call Stefan.”
  • “P.S. — I called Stefan.”
  • “What happened?” “Long story — buy the E-book.”
  • “Maybe you should mind your business, Wolf Girl.”
  • “Where did Jeremy go?” “School — Bonnie has him volunteering for some occult exhibit.” “Or…maybe he didn’t want to linger in a house where his sister just jammed a knife in his neck.”
  • “Ooh, time to face the music, pay the piper, dance with the devil.”
  • “You’re using your calm voice today. Who’s getting killed?”
  • “But nothing — wave your magic wand, hocus pocus, be gone hunter, ghostess, whatever.”
  • “It was the only period of my life when I actually felt time.”
  • “Did you miss me?”
  • “Don’t you ever stop crying? Poor, Elena. Always the victim. Except, now you’re a killer. What does Stefan think of the new you?”
  • “I was you before you even existed. And when Stefan knew the real me…he hated me. Now he’s going to hate you too. Well, at least you still have Damon.”
  • “You’re missing all the adventure, pal.”
  • “Little Gilbert, your services are needed.”
  • “This place looks pretty good considering your hybrid got blown up in it.”
  • “Just know that if Tyler was still sired to me, he never would have hurt you. I wouldn’t have let him.”
  • “How did I not know any of this stuff about Jeremy?” “The witch who loses her powers gets left out of important conversations.”
  • “We figured out how to help her. You need to kill a vampire.” “Oh, great. Give me a stake. I’ll kill Damon right now.” “Easy, Van Helsing. We’ll get you one. Don’t worry.”
  • “Caroline, you’re beautiful. But if you don’t stop talking, I’ll kill you.”
  • “Little tip, vampires hate to swim.”
  • “You saved me. Thank you.” “Well, you know what they say about teenage suicide. Don’t do it.”
  • “I’m about to take a very high and annoying road and tell you something. Because I know you think that Stefan’s been lying to you — which, yeah, he has — but this…rough patch that you two have been going through is not what you think. Everything that he’s been doing, he’s been doing for you…to help you. And after he kills me for telling you this, I want you to throw my ashes off of Wickery Bridge, OK? There may be a way out of this for you, Elena. There may be a cure.”
  • “How did you even get Klaus to agree to give up one of his hybrids?” “I agreed to go out on a date with him.”
  • “Still saving a spot for Mr. Saltzman, huh?” “I’d say I’m in the market for a new drinking buddy. You’re not qualified.”
  • “And we live in a town where, you know, anybody who knows stuff is creepy until proven otherwise.” “You’re on the verge of impressing me.”
  • “I’m sorry that I stabbed you.” “No, that’s all right…I…probably deserved it.”
  • “You listen to him. You trust him. Even when you can’t trust him.”
  • “Something’s changed between Damon and me…much more than it ever used to be. It’s like everything that I felt for him before I was a vampire…” “It’s been magnified. Your feelings for him have been magnified.” “I’m sorry. I don’t want to lie to you.”
  • “You know, before when I was the…uh…the Ripper…I understood why you cared for him. I mean, I practically drove you to it. But now…I can’t do this, Elena. Not anymore.” “I know.”

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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