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Castle “Bad Santa” 

Confession: It’s been a while since I’ve written about Castle and this is my first one of the season. Thankfully, I’m pretty sure it won’t be my only and last one for the season. Season 7 has been interesting and I can’t wait to see what storylines, twists and turns…

Two Takes: Castle “Driven” 

ABC’s Castle returns with a premiere that finally answers the question we’ve been asking all summer long: What happened to Rick? “Driven” is a great episode to start off season seven. In fact, we decided it’s so major, we needed two takes to recap all the action.

Killer Cliffhanger, Castle “For Better or Worse” 

Confession: Holy crap!! That was a serious cliffhanger, and despite all the hype, wow! Now let me preface my next comment by saying I love Andrew Marlowe and I respect his process…however, that doesn’t mean I liked every element of his story. I trust him completely simply because he has…