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We Need to Know: When will Leverage’s Parker and Hardison get together? 

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Here’s the the thing. Parker and Hardison should be together. They’ve been adorable forever yet they remain frustratingly apart. One possible reason they haven’t hooked up could be the fact the show recently evolved Nate and Sophie into friends with benefits. Nate and Sophie seem like they could be much more than that but, honestly? I love them as FWBs. It’s a great vibe they have going on and now the whole team knows it. Parker and Hardison have the potential for greatness. So when is this show finally going to get them together? Consider this. I feel like part of Season 4 has been getting Parker to a place where she’s ready for a relationship. With the way she grew up, she’s always seemed emotionally stunted and often child-like in her perspective. But she’s been put in emotional situations this season starting with the premiere when they were on that mountain and she and Eliot found the victim’s body. Remember that? She didn’t want to leave him down there — that would have meant he died alone and she didn’t want that to happen. And then in “The Van Gogh Job” we got a small taste of how great Parker and Hardison could look together in those flashbacks to the 40s.

And this week, when Hardison was buried, Parker had to face her feelings and the emotion of the situation of her friend in danger and she had to be there for him. And emotion is not something she does. It seems like each situation she’s put in, is working to break down the walls she built to protect herself all her life. Yet, in the heat of the moment, she called him her friend. And that got me a bit down. Because I wanted her to blurt out something else. I wanted her to admit he was more to her than a friend. I mean, She actually referred to him as Alec! That meant something more intimate, right? Although at the end of the episode, Hardison kissed Parker on her cheek. Again, I wanted that kiss to be so much more. Having said that, that kiss on the cheek was still pretty electric.

Please, Leverage, don’t con us. Give us what we want: and that’s a Parker and Hardison relationship. Don’t keep these two on simmer; let them sizzle. That last scene of “The Grave Danger Job” was just so frustrating and so fantastic at the same time. Parker and Hardison keep taking these small steps towards each other. When will they take that giant leap into a relationship? By the summer finale that’s set to air in a couple of weeks? A girl can hope.

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