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Finale Watch: Saturday Night Live w/ Justin Timberlake/Lady Gaga 

Photo Credit: NBC

I am so not the demographic for Jason Timberlake or Lady Gaga, but I laughed my butt off at their tag-team approach to the (36th!) season finale of SNL Saturday night. They’re both so game for anything, and to watch them unhinge together was a treat.

First off, Timberlake sang his monologue, and mocked all of his -isms, which was genius. In his last walk-on appearance (I think he’s an alternate cast member at this point), when he was promoting The Social Network, he faux stomped off when Andy Samberg asked when he’d make another album. I was almost relieved that he did sing, because I’d started to wonder if the reason he hadn’t been was because he couldn’t. So yay there!

He and Lady Gaga did riffs on recent music hits while hawking Liquorville, dressed, respectively, as a beer bottle and a mash up of a corkscrew, cork, and grapes and holding two wine glasses. Then we got the third Samberg/Timberlake Digital Short (after “Dick in a Box” and ”Mother Lover”) about the benefits of a three-way arrangement, co-starring guess who (complete with the Three’s Company Chrissy pigtails). It was silly and naughty and awesome.

Next, Lady Gaga went head to head with Timberlake in a game show skit called “What’s That Name,” where she trounced him by knowing the name of the randomest people (and offered to foot medical bills) while Timberlake couldn’t name a one-night stand or one of his N’Sync bandmates.

The Weekend Update had the usual skewering of current events plus a sidebar of Bradley Cooper promoting The Hangover II and Samberg-as-Nicolas Cage whining that he should’ve been in the movie. Finally, Jimmy Fallon popped in to recreate The Barry Gibb Talk Show. It was just wall-to-wall goofy and a great way to cap the season and kick off the hiatus.

The episode was the highest-rated season finale in seven years and it’s not at all surprising. We’ll see if the Emmy voters stay hip and nominate the Digital Short. If you missed the episode, it’s on now. Go, laugh, and if you’re watching at work, dip the volume.

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