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Eureka Will Get a Finale 

Photo Credit: Eike Schroter/Syfy

In a little bit of awesomeness, producers Jaime Paglia and Amy Berg, and the Eureka Writers Tweeted, and Deadline confirmed, that Syfy is giving Eureka one additional episode so they can do a proper finale to wrap the series. They’re writing it now (no pressure!) and will shoot it before they wrap in a few weeks. So glad for all involved. Thanks, Syfy.

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  1. international litigation

    I’ve just started watching Eureka on netflix and am now on to season 4. I watched the season 4 premiere and am confused like crazy. On the “Last Time on Eureka..” it shows Tess breaking up with Carter via hologram. When the heck did this happen because one episode before, Tess is in Australia and sent Carter a plane ticket. It’s like that never even happened! Other than that, everything else makes sense and now that they are in a different timeline I know it doesn’t matter but I would still like an explanation!

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