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Relationship Recap: Peter and Neal, White Collar “Countdown” 

Photo Credit: Robert Ascroft/USA Network

On USA Network’s White Collar, the best part of the series is the Neal and Peter relationship. It’s a friendship with Peter often acting as sort of a mentor as Neal works with Agent Burke on tracking down the bad guys. Fighting the good fight is definitely something that has been against Caffrey’s nature considering he’s an art thief and all around mysterious guy. But in Season 3, this friendship vibe was turned on its ear.

Photo Credit: Robert Ascroft/USA Network

All summer long, we’ve seen Peter be suspicious of Neal…with good reason. Neal and Mozzie were working on how to disappear with the treasure Mozzie secured for his friend/fellow con man at the end of Season 2. They envisioned island living far, far, away from New York City. And so we’ve been treated to scenes of Peter having to interrogate Neal; they’ve both hidden so many things from each other; lied to each other; and when you add it all up, this friendship the two had forged the first couple years is now weakened.

Photo Credit: Robert Ascroft/USA Network

It’s completely understandable why the powers that be at White Collar would want to explore this complicated relationship and, yes, even mess with it. The drama it has created has been good and appropriately tension-filled. But I always get a little wary of shows that are hinged on the chemistry of two main leads, in this case, Tim DeKay’s Peter Burke and Matt Bomer’s Neal Caffrey. Because when their awesome vibe is tampered with and they are suddenly keeping more secrets than usual from each other; and are even out and out lying to each other; my enjoyment is threatened. Call it the Winchester effect, since on the CW’s Supernatural, the relationship between the two brothers at the heart of the show was contentious and broken for several seasons and is only now being sewn back together.

Photo Credit: Robert Ascroft/USA Network

What’s sad to see is Peter struggling with having these suspicious thoughts about his partner; and on the flip side, you can tell that Neal doesn’t really want to go away with Mozzie because he has made a life for himself in NYC and isn’t ready to let Peter down. What was great about the summer finale is that Neal finally realized he didn’t want to go. But it feels like the damage is done. Peter’s suspicions were pretty much confirmed, thanks to Matthew Keller. And now Elizabeth’s collateral damage. Will Peter and Neal be able to get past this latest hurdle? Or will they find their magic rekindled as they (hopefully) work together to find Peter’s wife?

Photo Credit: David Giesbrecht/USA Network

With all the secrets piling up between Peter and Neal; seeing Neal making plans to disappear; and Mozzie doing everything in his power to ensure they realize their dream (including selling the Degas); it all made for a finale that had so much tension, it was all a little uncomfortable (and a bit painful) to watch. I kept hoping and hoping that Neal would see the light. And he did. But like I said, is it too late? The devastation on Peter’s face after learning about Eli’s kidnapping was truly heartbreaking. What do you guys think? Will Peter and Neal be able to get past this? Should they be able to get past this? When Peter finds out Neal chose him, is that enough to get Peter’s forgiveness? Or will Caffrey end up back in jail?

Let’s hope this latest hiatus goes by quickly and we’ll get to the second half of Season 3 so our prayers (for forgiveness and the return of a healthy Eli) will be answered. I’m hoping this crumbling relationship will bounce back and the two will be able to somewhat quickly work things out. Whatever happens, Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer have been playing the heck out of this story. Things have always been complicated between Neal and Peter, I’m just looking forward to a time when it’s not this complicated.

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