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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Marti and Julian Kiss, Hellcats “Before I Was Caught” 

Photo Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

When the show hired Gale Harold, I immediately wondered who they were going to pair him up with — I really wasn’t sure which way they’d go. And then all season long, they didn’t really move him in any sort of direction. He was there as this sort of mentor to Marti as she tried to free Travis. Julian was this stable force, although he wasn’t seen nearly enough for my tastes. And then, “Before I Was Caught” happened. Marti sort of successfully defended Savannah and Lewis in front of Honor Court in a cheating scandal. Julian had had enough faith in Marti to let her mount a defense for the two. So, at the end, after the verdicts came in and it was deemed that Savannah simply failed her class in stead of getting suspended; and Louis was put on academic probation; everyone celebrated. However, Marti looked around and saw the established couple that was Dan and Savannah and witnessed the budding reunion of Lewis and Alice. You could tell she wanted that too. She left the Honor Court and went straight to Julian’s classroom. She proceeded to thank him for his belief in her. And then she made the first move. It was a quick, tentative kiss. She pulled back and for a tiny bit nothing happened. Then the two rushed forward in a more passionate kiss that was simply beautiful. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I totally enjoyed it. When I originally thought the show was going to put Marti and Julian together, I couldn’t see it. But now I can. What I love most is the show took their time getting these two characters to this point. It wasn’t forced. It didn’t completely come from out of the blue, but at the same time, it was totally unexpected. Can’t wait to see how the teacher and his student are going to handle things next.

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