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Allison Dunbar and John Lehr Talk Honey’s Striptease, Quick Draw “The Tale of Edwin Starr” [Exclusive Interview] 

Photo Credit: Hulu
Photo Credit: Hulu

There’s a lot of great stuff in “The Tale of Edwin Starr.” Pearl’s brother, Edwin Starr, comes to town. He claims to have turned over a new leaf. Of course Hoyle is delighted to have another stepchild and welcomes him with open arms. But Pearl is naturally suspicious after she catches him cheating at a game of three-card monte. His presence also causes serious tension between Honey and Pearl, which was his intention. Edwin’s real aim is to steal gold from the Wells Fargo Bank. Since the bank shares a wall with the saloon, part of his plan entails ruining Honey’s business. In her desperation to lure her customers back, Honey comes up with a concept: Burlesque. Honey demonstrates this new style of dancing to a very surprised and very delighted Hoyle. It’s my favorite scene of the episode and I talked exclusively to Allison Dunbar and John Lehr about it.

When I spoke to creator/star John Lehr a few weeks ago about Quick Draw, I asked him to talk about some of his favorite moments and scenes from season 2. Honey’s burlesque scene was obviously a highlight and he had such great things to say about Allison as well.

John: “You gotta talk about Allison Dunbar first. She has made this character Honey, who could easily be cartoonish, feel real. She makes Hoyle likable just because she likes him. Otherwise, I think Hoyle would just be an obnoxious twit. I’ve told her this all the time, Honey’s reluctant love for Hoyle is, in my opinion, what got the show picked up. I thought she did an amazing job in season one and this year, I don’t know. It just totally clicked for her.

Her character goes through a lot this season. She plays it so well, including a super hot strip tease dance that she does in episode 5. Every man and gay woman on the set was like, jaws dropped to the floor, just unbelievable. She is walking sex and we were all just like, “Yeah.” I had to do that scene with her and you’d think a scene like that would be really fantastic because you get to watch this gorgeous woman, but it’s very awkward for lots of reasons. But my God, she was just so unbelievably hot. I’m not acting in that scene at all. She just such a powerful woman who’s so in touch with her sexuality. She’s this awesome person.”

Photo Credit: Hulu
Photo Credit: Hulu

I also spoke to Allison Dunbar last week about a number of topics (which I’ll include in a later Q&A), including her Burlesque scene.

Allison: “I’m sure you’ve seen that a very sex dance number goes on. It was so fun and the reason that all came together was because John and Nancy [Hower] know that I’m, in my real life, a burlesque dancer. So we were talking about that at one point and it gave John and Nancy this great lightbulb idea of let’s have Honey be the origin of burlesque in this country. So my business gets threatened and I’m scrambling, trying to find a way to make my business, my saloon more exciting, more cutting edge. I get this idea of live dancing entertainment. So that’s how we got to shoot the dance scene. We pick[ed] some old-timey music and I set some choreography to it.

That was such a fun day as well because I love to dance. Just to let my hair down and let loose a little bit. It was especially funny to be shooting it because when you’re performing in a burlesque show you’re listening to the audience hooting and hollering and yelling and screaming their approval and whatnot. But while you’re shooting a TV show, it has to be silent on the set. Do I come in this sexy outfit, we start rolling and we go all the way through. I’m dancing and it’s silent because it has to be. So in my brain I’m going, ‘Oh my gosh. This is so weird. Does anyone like it? What’s happening?’ But as soon as the song ended, everyone went bananas and loved it. [In] in the moment I thought, ‘This is tougher than doing this in a regular burlesque show.’

We don’t see Honey and Hoyle up that close or getting that intimate. I’m sitting on his lap for Pete’s sake. I’m bending over backwards. It was very funny for us.”

Edited for space and content.

Quick Draw airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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  1. Judi

    Impressed by all your hard work. Love the info on one of my favorite shows, QuickDraw, and interviews with John Lehr. Watch for their new HBO series…don’t know the start date the works.

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