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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Gibbs & Fornell – NCIS’ Odd (and Cranky) Couple 

Photo Credit: NCIS

In an episode that featured Tony’s quest to become the cover boy for an NCIS recruitment magazine; Tony’s cardboard cutout getting Gibbs-slapped; and Abby referring to Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard’s autopsy lab as “the Duck pond;” the standout scenes in “Short Fuse” actually had to do with cranky pals Gibbs and Fornell. Clearly the show’s writers and producers understand the magic that happens when Mark Harmon and Joe Spano play opposite each other so I’m all for any case that brings Gibbs’ FBI friend to the squad room. I especially loved the first scene that took place at Gibbs’ house:

Gibbs (ironing): “You were supposed to be here an hour ago.”

Fornell: “My daughter had a performance at school, I told you. Be nice to me! I just spent two hours with our ex-wife.

Gibbs: “Yeah? She mention my name?”

Fornell: “Not for years.”

Okay, I love that Gibbs and Fornell share the same ex-wife. It just adds depth to their friendship. After all, Gibbs did warn his friend against marrying this woman. And it’s hilarious how a newly-shaved Fornell brings take-out food he knows they don’t like simply because he has a “two-fer” coupon. They end up dining on cereal instead. So funny.

They’re both just so cranky but I always anticipate witnessing their friendship in action even as Gibbs questions Fornell about information that’ll help his case or as Fornell makes Gibbs his special Pasta Puttanesca. “Short Fuse” is a good episode for so many reasons (competent Tony; lots of team goodness and humor; an interesting case), but the best reason is Gibbs and Fornell reuniting for the first time this season. Let’s hope Fornell will return to the show sooner rather than later.

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