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Relationship Recap: Liz vs. The Plastic Bag on 30 Rock 

Photo credit: NBC

This week on 30 Rock Liz is having a little trouble with a plastic bag. She’s a problem-solver at work so why can’t she be one at home as well? She’s ready to get her personal life in order. And that, my friends, was her first mistake. I do like it when Liz tries to take charge of situation like these; it’s fun to see how she screws it all up. She thinks if she can make her apartment perfect, it will be the first step to her new perfect life. At first I thought I’d make this is a moment of goodness but the evolution of her relationship with that plastic bag is too good for just one moment. Let’s break it down.

1. Liz has a new life philosophy called Lizbeanism. And what is Lizbeanism? It means she’s a dyke against the rising waters of mediocrity. Jack’s impressed. Because Liz is talking like a winner he gives her one of his neckties. As he ties it around her neck, he quotes from a movie.

Liz: “That’s from Invictus. Wait, who’s the white guy in that?”

2. In the process of fixing up her place, Liz encounters a plastic bag in the tree outside her apartment. There’s nothing her building can do about it as the tree is city property.

Tony, the doorman: “If you’re not in the building I don’t have to talk to you.”

3. Liz decides to take on city hall. She’s in there for not even five seconds when she stumbles out, hair askew with a stanchion dragging behind her.

Liz: “Don’t go in there. Run citizen!”

4. Even though Jack is dealing with his own crisis, Liz has to interrupt to tell him about hers. And Liz thinks maybe she can help. Until she hears what the problem is.

Jack: “Avery has been kidnapped by Kim Jong Il.”

Liz: “What? Why? Is she spy? Oh my God, I already know too much.”

5. Jack still thinks Liz can solve her own problem. Three weeks later the bag is still in the tree and all Liz’s grappling hook has managed to retrieve is every street sign from Liz’s block. Then the bag starts talking to her.

Liz: “You don’t know me.”

Plastic bag: “Go ahead. Buy nesting tables. Paint an accent wall. I’ll watch the EMTs take you out in my cousin, a body bag.”

6. Liz takes matters into her own hands. A police officer, who mentions he’s got OCD and loves doing paperwork, warns Liz that he’ll tas her if she doesn’t stop cutting the branch the plastic bag is caught in. Undeterred Liz finishes the job and the bag floats down into her outstretched arms. The officer tases her.

Liz: “Ahhhh, it’s worth it.”

7. Just when Liz thinks she’s won, a delivery man spills a family of plastic bags on the sidewalk behind her. And a number of them float up into the tree outside her apartment.

Liz: “Noooooooo. Mortality!”

Two mini moments of goodness:

Margaret Cho as Kim Jong Il. I love her and everything she does.

Condoleezza Rice on piano takes on Jack Donaghy on flute. Just the way Jack was playing the flute (and so obviously not for real) made me laugh. I may have watched that scene more than once.

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