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Moment of Goodness

The Dead Pool, Teen Wolf “The Benefactor” 

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

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Liam survives the bite, but fights the changes his body is going through as well as the help Scott and company try to offer. Malia, tired of being chained every full moon, finally learns control without being restrained. Sheriff Stilinski consults with Derek to track The Mute down. Lydia cracks the code to the dead pool.

The Dead Pool
Sean Walcott, 250
David Walcott, 250
Michael Walcott, 250
Christina Walcott, 250
Lydia Martin, 20
Scott McCall, 25
Demarco Montana, 250
Derek Hale, 15
Carrie Hudson, 500
Kayleen Bettcher, 250
Kira Yukimura, 6
Elias Town, 250

I”m already fascinated by this list. So we know The Mute, Mason Dye‘s Garrett and Samantha Logan‘s Violet aren’t just hunters, they’re assassins. When they kill someone from the dead pool, they are paid for their services. We know The Mute’s preferred weapon of choice is – or should I say was, thanks to Peter – a modified Tomahawk. Violet kills with a weaponized garrote. We haven’t seen how Garrett eliminates monsters yet.

The Walcotts were taken out by The Mute. They were Wendigos and worth $250 (thousand, I’m assuming) each. Scott and the gang are pretty small potatoes comparatively, probably because they’re less dangerous and might make for easier targets. I wonder what Carrie Hudson is because she’s worth a lot, as are Demarco Montana, (the beer delivery guy, now dead; but is he just a werewolf? why is the price on his head so high?) Kayleen Bettcher and Elias Town. I look forward to meeting these other supernaturals Carrie, Kayleen and Elias and finding out what they are.

Note: Matt (see his comment below) mentioned the betting angle of a dead pool, which honestly didn’t occur to me. I had to google it. I thought this was literally just a hit list. But that makes things even more interesting. We’ve got assassins in town trying to take out these supernaturals and people betting on when they will die to make money. Good stuff.

Moment of Goodness: JR Bourne‘s Chris Argent is Finally Back

I missed Chris Argent, but I get it. His sister, wife and daughter died in Beacon Hills. The place can’t have many happy memories for him, so Chris returned to France. But when Scott and the gang discover that Kate is alive – and a werepanther, no less – Scott sends him a text. I honestly can’t imagine the show without a sane Argent, so it’s nice to have Chris back. And he shows up just in the nick of time to help Scott corral and control his new beta. As the alpha, Scott should be stronger than Liam even in his human form, right? Maybe Chris will have some much-needed answers where Liam is concerned.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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  1. Timothy

    Damarco Montana is the beer delivery guy. His name was on his shirt. You can see it before his head pops off.

    (Be kind rewind)

    1. toni

      this blog is all wrong the bigger numbers are thousands the smaller numbers are millions !

  2. Marc

    Demarco was the guy who brought the keg and assassinated by Violet

  3. matthew davey

    The Dead Pool:
    – Sean Walcott, David Walcott, Michael Walcott, Christina Walcott are all wendigos and deceased
    – Demarco Montana, was the beer delivery man and hes dead
    – Carrie Hudson, her names crossed off the list in the from for ep 4 so shes more than likely dead or gonna die

    Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Derek Hale, Kira Yukimura, – obviously we know these guys

    but who are Kayleen Bettcher and Elias Town? and what supernaturals are they?

    and why peter hale and Noshiko Yukimura arent on the list…

    so many questions!!

    1. Chandra

      But I don’t understand. Peter was attacked by him… But his name isn’t on the list.
      Also Malia isn’t on this list

      1. TV Goodness

        I hear you. I transcribed the list directly from the episode, but I was also wondering why they weren’t on it. And there’s no way this can be a complete list of all of Beacon Hills supernaturals, right? I guess we’ll find out exactly why this specific group is being targeted – hopefully sooner rather than later.

      2. julia

        I think they were not on the list because they haven’t done something to the benefactor. And maybe the others worth more money did.

        1. Jayda

          I just found out that Scott and his gang are worth that nuch money. The smaller numbers are worth millions like 5M,10M and the big number are worth thousands so all the ones crossed out with 250 buy them they are just wirth thousands.

  4. Matt


    I dont exactly think your understanding of a Deadpool is correct, however i can only go off the origin of the Deadpool from the Marvel Character Deadpool itself.

    He was held in a mental hospital where the staff had a deadpool, it was odds on who was going to die next in the place and you could place a bet on a particular person to die next. That would be the odds above of each character.

    It makes sense as they see Scott and Derek harder to kill off than say Lydia and Kira.

    Id say the assassins want to speed things along and try and orgestrate who wins.

  5. i

    I think the price on each kill is higher on other people because they are harder to find? The gang is pretty exposed and involved whenever there are deaths in Beacon Hills, being as they are always around the Sheriff.

    I think Peter is no longer on the list because the Mute attempted to kill him. According to the mute’s glove, he got paid right after he was with Peter.

    In Ep 323 Noshiko Yukimura said she’s no longer the fox, Kyra is. Then Nogitsune Stiles breaks the last tail and the Oni change alliance. I think all of this contributes to her not being in the pool.

    1. Seth

      This all adds up, but what about Malia?

  6. Jenn

    Can someone explain what the number represents?? Does is mean the higher the number, the bigger the pay?

    1. potato

      Currently the supposition is that the numbers are odds. The lower the number the better the person’s odds of living.


  7. Taylor McGinnis

    What about the other banshee from last season? The director said that she would be around for a while and she had a lot to teach lydia so I’m wondering when, if at all, she will show up.

  8. Heather M

    I was told there’d be no math. 😉

    I think we might be at critical mass for characters, too. I kind of didn’t need us to replace the Danny/Isaac/Allison headcount with more people.

  9. Victor

    why Malia was not on the list?

  10. Garrett

    I think the benefactor is Victoria Argent. Because she supposedly died during season 2, it would explain why peter and malia aren’t on the list since she may not know about malia and peter was dead throughout most of season 2. The odds make sense too since Derek seems to be the most powerful yet he is still ranked below kira. Though i guess we still have yet to learn kira’s full potential as a kitsune.

    1. Garrett

      Plus the password is Allison and Victoria wouldnt know about Kate either thinking she was still dead.

  11. chris21

    the benefactor is probabl the same who steal the hale money in the crypt.
    maybe Allison’s grandfather?
    or the Mexican hunters familly?

  12. Kim

    I think the password to unlock the next list will be someone else name who died. They need to unlock the next dead pool so we know who is still on the list that we know. I like that Chris is back to help Scott find the killer.

  13. Ash

    Scott and the others are in millions….25 million…15 million while the others are thousands……$250k…..etc…the password was aiden….

  14. I

    Ok second third of the list revealed by typing Aiden. Aiden and Allison were directly connected to Lydia. Both were killed by Onis. We know that the first list had 12 people. I only saw 11 on the second list. We can assume now that Malia, Liam, Peter, Meredith are either the twelveth on the second list or part of the third list. Could we also think to include Jackson, Isaac, Cora, Ethan?

    What kind of supernatural would Deputy Parrish be?

  15. Jessica

    The 250’s and the 500 are 250,000 and 500,000 the lower numbers like the 20, 25, and 6 are 20 million, 25 million and 6 million. Duuuuhhh haha.

  16. Domonique


  17. Shannon

    The benefactor is Danny

  18. Arian

    This is much wrong i dont think it is a hitliwst because if it were then peter’s name would be on it as he was attempted to be killed also…

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