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Deja View: The Cast of ABC’s Body of Proof 


I’m not sure I’m completely on board with ABC’s Body of Proof but there’s enough there to keep me coming back for more. Dana Delany’s her usual self, doing a great job of playing Medical Examiner Dr. Megan Hunt on the newest crime series to hit the alphabet network. So far we’ve gotten a lot of exposition on the former neurosurgeon, after all, she’s the lead of the show. But I’m always interested in learning about the supporting characters — and actors — of a show.


I’m hoping to find out more about Dr. Hunt’s boss, Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kate Murphy, played by Star Trek: Voyager and Leverage Season 2 actress, Jeri Ryan. Right now it seems like Kate and Megan are sizing each other up. They are both strong personalities with different ways of dealing with people. I’m hoping the two will become strong allies eventually.


Also intriguing (and kind of hot) is Hunt’s partner in crime-solving, the resident medical investigator, Peter Dunlop, played by Nicholas Bishop. Bishop’s new to me, but he may not be new to everyone, especially if you were one of the few who tuned into FOX’s Past Life. The short-lived series also starred Kelly Giddish, who went on to star in another short-lived series earlier this season, NBC’s Chase.

Two other members of the Body of Proof cast were familiar to me, although it took a little bit to figure out where I’ve seen them before (hence, this Deja View):

John Carroll Lynch is Detective Bud Morris


Morris is one of the cops assigned to work with Dr. Hunt. So far things are a bit rocky since he and the in-your-face doc have been clashing, at least in the first two episodes. Lynch is best known for his days on The Drew Carey Show. That’s where he played Drew’s cross-dressing brother who fell in love with — and married — Drew’s nemesis Mimi. It’s good to see Lynch show up on Body of Proof as a regular. I wonder if Morris’ work relationship with the medical examiner is going to continue to be contentious.

Sonja Sohn is Detective Samantha Baker


It took a little longer for me to figure out where I’ve seen Sonja before. On BoP, she plays Morris’ partner, Homicide Detective Samantha Baker. Baker’s a solid, calm force that’s a good antidote for Morris who’s often arrogant and a bit loud. As for Sohn, Brothers and Sisters fans will remember her as the surrogate mother for Kitty and Robert. She’s the one who gave birth to the boy that Kitty now raises alone (Robert died last season). You might also recognize her from an arc she did on Cold Case as the love interest of Jeremy Ratchford’s Nick Vera. Or if you’re really hardcore (in a good way, of course) you’ll recognize her as Det. Shakima ‘Kima’ Greggs from The Wire. Sigh. I miss that show.

Jeffrey Nordling

Oh and I can’t forget the actor playing Megan’s ex-husband, Jeffrey Nordling. I love this guy. He’s been in everything including Once and Again, Dirt, 24 and, more recently, Desperate Housewives. Right now, he’s not much of a factor on BoP. He’s a bit of an obstacle to Megan having an actual relationship with her daughter. But there’s definitely opportunity for Nordling to make more appearances. I hope he does.

Body of Proof airs Tuesday nights on ABC at 10/9C.

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