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All On The Line “Radenroro “Bad is Better than Boring” 

Photo Credit: Sundance Channel

I think I have a problem. I might be addicted to reality TV fashion shows. Well, let me back up. I don’t watch all of them. I love Project Runway and The Rachel Zoe Project. So, I guess All On the Line would make three. They’re pretty different. I like the competition aspect of Project Runway. I like seeing the designers creativity as well as those “make it work” moments. With The Rachel Zoe Project I love the beautiful clothes and seeing what the stylists go through to get them on their clients. It’s also fun to watch the photo shoots. With All On The Line it’s nice to see a fashion insider using his influence to help a designer who needs it. The designer has drive and talent (presumably), but they just don’t have that extra something to make things happen on their own. That’s where Joe Zee comes in.

Radenroro is a husband and wife team. They’ve been around for a number of seasons and if they don’t make some changes with their next line they might as well give it up. Liquica is the designer and her husband is the business guy. Here’s the problem with that: They both need to know all aspects of their business. I’m not sure how much trust they can instill in people if they only know a portion of this business they claim to be so passionate about. It was educational to watch Joe Zee take them through this process. They need to be able to speak authoratatively about their brand to whoever might have questions, be it a buyer, an editor, or a business person. And when Joe Zee believes in you he’ll call in those favors. I was extremely impressed by the caliber of people he was able to expose to the Radenroro team. Wow. If I ever launch my own line (which would never ever happen), I would want this guy on my team. So designers, I hope Joe Zee is on your radar. If you get noticed by Joe Zee – or someone like him – you’re in a good place. Big things will happen for you.

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