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Reality Fix: Project Runway All Stars “Return to the Runway” 

Photo Credit: Lifetime

All Star seasons of reality shows are all the rage now, aren’t they? I loved the All Star edition of Top Chef. I put up with the All Star edition of America’s Next Top Model. This is probably the last All Star edition of anything I’ll be watching for a while and I think it’s off to a great start. I pretty much remember all the players from their seasons and I’m so happy to see some of their familiar faces. When I first heard that there would be different judges, a new mentor, and a new host I didn’t like it. But I was impressed with Joanna Coles, Isaac Mizrahi, and Georgina Chapman in this episode. I’m going to reserve judgment on Angela Lindvall. She’s so cute and she seems really excited, but I don’t love her as a host. I think she’s too uneasy in front the camera (strange, right?). I hope she becomes more at ease as the season progresses.

I like that they’ve mixed it up a little. There’s no more immunity – which should both scare and inspire the designers. The prizes are kind of amazing so I really want to see them fight for the win every week. So far I like the fresh perspectives of both the mentor and the judges. Week in and week out, I think I’m going to enjoy spending time with these designers especially since Elisa went home.

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Like the judges I’m not convinced everyone here is truly an All Star. I can understand why both Sweet P and Gordana were in the bottom. Sweet P’s disaster of a dress looked cheap and unflattering. Did she hear nothing Joanna Coles said to her about her work? There was nothing new or exciting about it. Even Sweet P couldn’t find anything innovative about her design and that’s never good. I liked the direction Gordana was taking early on in her design. The plain streamers were interesting and had great movement. The neckline of the dress was very innovative and strange, in a good way. But then she had to go and put those sparkly things on every single streamer. Even she admitted that she’s prone to over-designing if she’s given too much time. I hope Gordana has enough faith in her vision from this moment on to know when to stop.

Photo Credit: Lifetime

I love this look. Rami was known for his amazing draping skills during his season and he thinks this win proves that he’s also good at construction. And, in a way I guess it does. But to me (and you can let me know if I’m being naive or condescending), but if you’re good at draping you’re also going to be good at construction. Right? You need to be meticulous with both. You need an immense amount of patience and attention to detail for both. Right? I really like this dress and I’m happy he won. I love Mondo’s dress too but I’m not upset with the judges for giving Rami the first win of the season.

Photo Credit: Lifetime

I know and love Ken Downing from All on the Line. I wish people who aren’t familiar with him could have seen the full force of his personality. He has such strong opinions about fashion – which I love – and he is not ever afraid to call it exactly like he sees it. I really wish we could have seen more of that from him. It’s important to know his aesthetic early on because of Ken Downing’s position at Neiman Marcus. The winner of this season will be putting their collection into Ken Downing’s keeping. He’s got the power to make or break their collection once it gets into Neiman Marcus. I understand that he’s just a guest judge and that we need to get to know Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman better, but Ken Downing is awesome and I just wanted a little more of him.

What do you think of the season so far? Are you excited with the designers who have been chosen as All Stars? Who do you think will go home next?

Project Runway All Stars airs Thursdays at 9/8c.

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