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Moment of Goodness

Nurse Jackie’s Moment of Goodness: Zoey Steals A Lot of Gloves 

Photo Credit: Showtime

I love Merritt Wever. No wait, that’s wrong. I love every single character on Nurse Jackie, especially Merritt Wever’s Zoey. Her bunny scrubs are cute and epitomize everything she’s about. As she’s learned under Jackie’s tutelage she’s managed to learn a lot and be true to herself. I love that Jackie has yet to break her spirit; I hope she never does. This week, Zoey is urged to take initiative about gloves for the nurses in the ER. So she steals them. They need the good gloves and there’s no department that’s safe.

Talk about a good sight gag. Zoey pulling gloves from her pockets, bra, then the back of her pants? Hilarious and brilliant. But it doesn’t stop there. Next she hits oncology. Thor tries to be a buzzkill but she’s undeterred. Then there’s the bird call to Jackie to signal she wants to talk? Edie Falco’s expression alone is priceless. Where’d she hit? Don’t know but she got the good purple ones. Next urology falls to her deviousness. She hides them in the cot room. I just love her. She’s good people, especially when she puts Coop in his place.

Bonus moment: Akalitus telling the staff fat kids are the enemy as she feeds them donuts. And Zoey having a stack of three and trying to eat the top one without using her hands. Love every second of it.

Another bonus moment: The mom who can’t stop complaining about her four boys (well, really five including her husband) and their inability to get their urine into the toilet bowl. So uncomfortably awesome.

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