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The Closer “Unknown Trouble” 

Photo Credit: TNT

I don’t know about you but I’m excited about the beginning of the end of this series. I love that we’re getting 22 episodes, but much less excited they’re spreading them out so much. I mean, we don’t actually get to see “the end” until next summer. Boo. But I want to focus on the positive. I’ve been with this show since the pilot. I’ve had my ups and downs but mostly I’ve loved the show. I was a bit wary by the start of “Unknown Trouble,” but it recovered nicely. I’m going to talk about what I’m most excited about for The Closer’s final season.

1. Brenda Is Named in a Wrongful Death Suit. I admire Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson but I don’t always agree with her methods. She’ll do almost anything to close her case and quite a few time she’s employed some underhanded methods. I don’t think she did anything wrong here – legally. But morally? She’s got some explaining to do. And I can’t wait to see Mark Pellegrino get her talking as her attorney. Have I mentioned how much I love him? His recent (but short) turn on Being Human only made me want to see him on the small screen again soon and I’m glad this show has obliged.

2. Captain Raydor Isn’t Going Anywhere. Whether or not the spin-off Major Crimes happens, I welcome the opportunity to see more of Mary McDonnell. Part of me doesn’t want Brenda and Sharon to be friends because I like their uneasy, prickly relationship. But as things get worse for Brenda I think (and hope) she’ll come to rely on Sharon more and hopefully they will forge some sort of friendship. That would be nice to see because, let’s face it, Brenda doesn’t really have that many friends.

3. Will Pope Isn’t Going Anywhere. I was getting very misty eyed when I thought he’d be leaving. A demotion to traffic? That sounds like hell to me. Of course, the reorganization was great for Brenda and her team. So when Chief Delk collapsed, I knew then it wouldn’t be the last we saw of Will. I don’t mean to be heartless about Chief Delk but I really have no attachment to him. I don’t feel like I really know much about him, although he was starting to grow on me at the end of this episode. I wonder if this turn of events will help Will get his old job back. Anything he can do to prevent Commander Taylor from become Brenda’s superior would be greatly appreciated. I did love how her team protected her from his prying ways in the season premiere.

I’m also looking forward to how Brenda’s team will back her up when the crap really hits the fan later this season. And, of course, I’m always intrigued by their cases. I don’t take Brenda’s threat to quit lightly and as we all know her tenure is coming to an end, so it will be interesting to see how she takes that threat and puts it into practice. Will she finally put her personal life before her profressional life? Will she try to have a kid with Fritz? Will Fritz get a promotion that takes them out of Los Angeles? Will Brenda go out in a blaze of glory? Whatever happens, I’m with Brenda Leigh Johnson until the end. And I want to thank her for a great ride.

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