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Hawaii Five-0 “Ke Kinohi (The Beginning)” 

Photo Credit: CBS

It was family night this week on Hawaii Five-0as the Yakuza seriously misjudge the lengths McGarrett will go to to avenge his mother and protect his sister. Game on, y’all.

We begin at Casa McGarrett with a sleeping McGarrett startled awake by someone downstairs. He draws on a masked burglar handling the evidence toolbox and then throws down with him and his two cohorts before one of them takes him down with a Taser to the neck (rude!). We pick up with Danny fixing an ice bag for McGarrett and noshing frozen treats from his freezer (which Kono hilariously busts him about) as the 5-0s try to figure out how the burglars got the drop on him. There was no forced entry and the burglar alarm was hacked, so McGarrett pretty quickly puts it together that the guys had Mary’s key.

McGarrett and Danny tear off to Mary’s rental house and find signs of a struggle and blood, and a tooth, and take off again to try to piece things together. They realize she went to see Mamo, a surf shack guy who was a friend of Papa McGarrett when Steve and Mary were children. They go see him and he confirms that he saw her and she was asking about Mama McGarrett’s accident. They head out again, McGarrett panicking more by the minute as Danny tries to talk him down, and then his phone rings and it’s Mary, calling from the trunk of a car.

He coaches her about kicking out the taillights while Kelly tracks her phone. They race to the airstrip and grab a helicopter (of course). When they catch up with the car, they take down the kidnappers and McGarrett pops the trunk and yanks a very relieved Mary out into a bear hug. They clutch each other while Danny sorts out what just went down.

Later at HQ, Mary’s spilling all to McGarrett. She’d been calling the police about their mom’s case, drawing attention to herself in the process. He’s impressed and angry and impressed some more. And then still more impressed when she tells him she has photos of everything that was in the toolbox and can decipher the codes that were Greek to him (derived from Sherlock stories Papa McGarrett had read to her as child).

Meanwhile, the ME sends over photos of the kidnappers and they’re tatted up with Yakuza affiliations. That, plus Mary’s research, leads them to Hiro Noshimuri (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who I’m always going to love because he was part of Nash Bridges), a benefactor who also happens to be tight with the Gov, who we actually get for more than one scene. Woo de hoo! She and McGarrett face of when he tells her that Noshimuri is a bad guy, benefactor and job creator or not. (I did love that girlfriend, in the face of an international crisis, asksa confused McGarrett to procure her a beer, and he does. AWESEOME.)

Kono leads the 5-0’s shakedown of the Yakuza club and finds the toolbox in a dumpster, which Noshimuri was stupid enough to touch, so McGarrett and Danny take him into custody right there on the golf course. McGarrett threaten’s Noshimuri’s brother, the cop who planted the bomb that killed Mama McGarrett, and then tells Wo Fat to get lost because he’s not looped that Fat has a role in all this (yet). The brother later turns up dead in a car accident, so I’m guessing Fat took care of that loose end. And McGarrett puts Mary on a plane to L.A. to keep her safe, knowing full well this isn’t over.

I was glad we had Mary back, but I held my breath a little during their scene at the airport where McGarrett tells her he loves her and reassures her it’s for her own safey. I wasn’t sure she would make it to the plane. You really saw the grief all over McGarrett’s face about what he’d lost in not knowing his sister because their dad did what he thought was best, removing them from harm by getting them the hell out of Hawaii.

Bang up work by Taryn Manning and Alex O’Loughlin in their scenes together. Manning was also on SVU this week (I hope she didn’t jet from Hawaii to NYC and got a breather in there). In what I think was a bonehead move, I believe this was her last episode. A TVG item touched on it but didn’t explicitly say she was done. Still and all, BOOOO. Also, TPTB are fishing around for a fifth 5-0 (when they don’t use Kono and Kelly enough as it is?). Again, BOOOOO! And Dane Cook is guesting as Danny’s brother. I like Dane in teeny tiny weeny doses. And it was announced that Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are guesting. Not a big fan of stunt casting for stunt casting’s sake. I do like casting familiar actors who are going to add something, i.e. if they want to pick up anybody else from Nash Bridges, I’m all over that. Show’s not broken, people!

Good luck to Scott at the Golden Globes next weekend! Congrats on the People’s Choice Award for Best New Drama this week, too.

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