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Human Target “Kill Bob” 

Photo Credit: FOX

Excuse while I nerd out a minute about John Terlesky directing this episode. I remember him from my misbegotten 80s childhood in front of the TV. Ahem. Thank you.

This first of the double run (the second one is the one I reviewed last week) is a fairly straightforward stop-the-spy-from-killing-her-husband story with the added ingredient of said spy actually being truly, madly, deeply in love with her husband. We begin with the nerdy hubby rocking out to old school rap when he dives for his phone at the precise moment a guy on a motorcycle shoots out his windows.

He lands at HT HQ seeking help, the team stages a scene at a dock, and when they see Bob’s wife, Angie, participate in a bag exchange and retrieve a gun, they realize she is actually an assassin. Bob doesn’t believe it and says they’ve been nothing but happy for three years, which Winston calls the first clue that the Mrs. was shady. While Chance tags along with Bob for his weekend away with Angie, Guerrero and Ames break into the building where Angie’s outfit works to retrieve files and find a “Project Graystar” on the computer. They take the files back to HQ after rappelling down the side of the building. At the weekend getaway, Chance and Angie are prepping for a throwdown while an oblivious Bob eats his meal. After they send him outside to fetch firewood, they end up toe to toe in a shootout over the dinner table.

The chase moves outside and Angie shoots the gas tank on Bob’s truck to cause a diversion so Bob and Chance can get away. Chance realizes Angie’s missing Bob on purpose, and the team puts it together that Bob was a target because his research into encryption codes wasn’t about weather satellites, as he thought, but was about encryption for the OSA, Angie’s employer. Chance brokers a trade of the data for Bob’s safety and in the ensuing chase-by-SUV, Angie shoots Bob but misses his heart. Chance tears off after her and returns the wound, saving her life and breaking her free from the OSA so she and Bob can do the happily married thing for real.

A couple of other tangential developments as well—the OSA had surveillance on Ilsa’s husband, but the team strangely enough does not ask Angie about the picture of him with a mystery blonde—which was the setup for Ilsa’s meltdown in “The Trouble With Harry.” The second offside was that Ames had a quickie wedding in Vegas (to an unseen Alejandro) to which she invited Guerrero and Ilsa but not Chance or Winston. Chance seems not to mind but Winston is mightily peeved about the snub.  By the end of the episode, she is getting it annulled, so not sure what that was about.

It took me an IMdB lookup to place Angie—she was Lauren German, who was the (brunette at the time) lead in last summer’s Happy Town. I liked her here, as a duplicitous (or triplicitous?) gun-wielding blonde. Only one episode left, airing tonight at 9 pm EST. They’re still promoting it as the season finale, so here’s hoping we get the gang back in the fall.

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