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Character Development: Lanie & Esposito, Castle “Poof, You’re Dead” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Randy Holmes

Major character development for NYPD Forensics Analyst Lanie Parish and Detective Javier Esposito: the two have been carrying on a relationship for who knows how long. They spent much of the hour trying to keep their new couple status on the DL. Only they didn’t do a very good job of it. At the end of “Poof, You’re Dead” we discovered Beckett, Castle and Ryan knew exactly what was up with their friends.

Photo Credit: ABC/Michael Desmond

I’ve been waiting all season long for something to happen between these two. Tamala Jones has been MIA for a little bit, so it was good to see Lanie back in action. It was even better to see the Medical Examiner sparking a serious amount of chemistry with Javier. The second scene of the episode was pretty steamy considering the two were in bed when they both received calls requesting their presence at the scene of a murder. A shirtless Jon Huertas looked fantastic, didn’t he? So deliciously sexy. Loved the way Lanie warned Esposito not to give anything away once they were in job mode. Javier taking a picture of her with his phone was a nice touch. The two just really seemed to be in that can’t-get-enough-of-each-other phase. Hope that continues.
Something else I hope continues is development for the supporting characters on this show. During the first half of the season, Castle seemed to concentrate on Martha and Alexis. I’m really happy we’re getting to see more with the NYPD crew. The show is on a roll with that considering Ryan just got engaged and Esposito and Lanie are now an item. Castle is blessed with a great cast; there’s not a weak link in the bunch. I love the supporting actors and characters as much as the two leads, so giving these guys something else to play is cool with me.

In “Poof, You’re Dead,” I liked how the balance of the intriguing mystery-of-the-week with the character-driven goodness kept things fast-paced and extremely interesting. And right when we witnessed one couple experiencing the beginning of something beautiful; another relationship finally reached its end.

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