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Relationship Recap: Haven 

Photo Credit: Syfy

Haven returned to the Syfy Friday lineup two weeks ago with its second season premiere. I was super jazzed that the show’s retained its creepy cool and simmering emotional undercurrent and it was interesting to watch the relationships that already exist and the potential new ones. We were introduced to two new characters–one an alternate version of (our) Audrey, who proclaims herself to be the true Audrey, and the second, Evi Crocker, Duke’s heretofore unmentioned (and estranged) wife. Let’s take a look at the setup for season two with these intriguing players, and where it leaves our current trio of leads.

Audrey (1.0) and Nathan

Going into the season, Audrey is the only one that Nathan can physically feel, and the only one who knows that his dad has died. He sides with her immediately when Audrey 2.0 shows up. In the second episode, Nathan’s affliction is reversed and he can feel everything, so he was sort of trippy about it and freaking Audrey out until he took his affliction back so he could help a young woman who was unwittingly striking fear in anyone who made eye contact with her. Audrey was horrified that he’d sacrifice his own happiness but also understanding that he’s a good guy like that, so we’re back (I think) to him only being able to feel her touch. She’s also his closest ally as he deals with the Rev’s threat of a war.

Audrey 1.0 and Duke

We had a flirty little banter with Duke and Audrey last season and they kick off this season with the news that Duke’s had a wife out in the world, which is likely to dent his dance with Audrey. I did like, however, that in the premiere, when a round of biblical plagues looked likely to eliminate firstborn sons, Nathan asked Duke to ride along for Audrey’s sake in case something happened to him, and Duke went. I’ll be curious to see if Evi strikes up a friendship with her just to mess with him.

Photo Credit: Syfy

Nathan and Duke

These fractious childhood friends are still frosty as the season picks up, snarking at each other about things big and small until Nathan matter of factly tells him that his dad has died, and Duke immediately softens toward him, even jumping in during Nathan’s confrontation with the Rev, where he warns them that they’ll have to choose sides eventually because the lion can’t lie down with the lamb. Duke comes to the hillside where Nathan is finally burying his dad, shovel in hand ready to help. He says Nathan should’ve told him about his dad, and Nathan tells him he should have told him about Evi. Duke asks Nathan if he’s thought about the Rev’s threat, and he says no. Duke says him neither, but just so he knows, he’s the lion.

Audrey 1.0 and Audrey 2.0

Our Audrey is understandably rattled by the arrival of 2.0, and things get creepier fast when she realizes they share the exact same set of memories, down to using the tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” for CPR and recall of a childhood intervention against a predatory foster dad that neither ever shared with anyone. When 2.0 lets that sink in, she decides to stick around to get to the bottom of the mystery, and she protects 1.0’s identity when her version of Agent Howard shows up.

Photo Credit: Syfy

Duke and Evi

Duke’s first glimpse of Evi spooked him so much that I was assuming she was a ghost, but it turns out he’d probably prefer that. She’s just not wanted around–it seems she and Duke had a criminal and romantic past and Duke tells her plainly he wants no part of a return to either scenario. She tells him she’s staying because being a hometown boy was the last thing he’d ever wanted and she’s sure him setting up shop in Haven means he’s working an angle, which she wants in on.

Photo Credit: Syfy

We’re also getting Jason Priestley this season, but I don’t know as who or how he’ll fit in. Bonus clip: Emily Rose and Eric Balfour were just at Comic-Con getting their geek on. Check out the interview here.

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