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Catching up on Gossip Girl 

Photo credit: Eric Liebowitz/ The CW

As you may or may not be aware, recently I’ve been lagging behind in my television viewing. I have excuses but I won’t bore you with them; the important thing is I’ve got caught up on the last six episodes of Gossip Girl.

Eva: the angelic prostitute. I will forever and always be a Blair/Chuck shipper but I will admit to liking what Eva did for Chuck. It was nice to see the kinder, gentler Chuck and I wasn’t too happy when Blair broke them up. Even though I don’t think it would have worked longterm – I really enjoy Chuck when he’s a “bass”tard – it was nice to see something different.

Juliette: the manipulative interloper. Sigh. As I mentioned a while back, I’m a fan of Katie Cassidy (and her new honey blonde hair) but I don’t quite get where they’re going with this character. Scratch that. I don’t care where they’re going with this character. I don’t think she has any chemistry with Nate (and I really don’t believe she’s fallen for him) and I can’t figure out why everyone trusts her. Additionally, I want to see Vanessa open up a can of whoop-ass on her. I haven’t forgotten that Juliette let Vanessa take the fall for that email prank. Has she?

The Humphrey Children: Schemers-in-training? I didn’t like it when Jenny reverted to her former queen bee self after being back in New York City for less than a day. I also didn’t like it when Dan used his friendship with Nate to gain access to Blair and Chuck’s treaty and use it to “humiliate” Blair. I put it in quotes because I thought it was kind of a lame stunt. I did like seeing Rachel Zoe covered in chocolate (and I’m a fan). I would like to see Dan and Jenny remain above all the betrayal and backstabbing, if possible. I like them so much better that way.

Serena: The man-eater-in-training. I’m not sure if she knows how to be alone and I can’t say Lily’s been a good role model in this area. I like Colin but his connection to Juliette worries me. Even though Juliette claims he doesn’t know what’s going on I’m still a bit skeptical. I’d like to see Serena a little more serious about school but if I can’t have that I guess I’m happy to settle for a hot hook-up. After she’s done with that business class. She so doesn’t need even one more scandal.

Blair: The war monger. I enjoyed the “War of the Roses” battle royale Blair and Chuck engaged in but I like that they’re together now even more, even if only in the physical sense. Together or apart, Blair and Chuck are my favorite part of this show. We’ll see what happens when the love haze wears off, which I hope isn’t too soon.

As always, I can’t get enough of the fashion – on both the men and women – or all the great locations in and around New York. It makes me miss the city so much.

Have you been enjoying the season so far? Who/what do you hate? Who/what do you love? Who do you want to see more or less of?

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