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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: Castle “Knockdown” 

Photo credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

There was so much goodness going on in tonight’s episode. I’m going to take a step back from all the major stuff (Beckett gets one step closer to her mother’s killer; THE KISS; Esposito and Ryan almost die; THE KISS) to focus on faces we don’t see every week on this show. Let’s talk about the guest stars.

Joe Polis
Brian Goodman

When Joel Polis’s John Raglan is killed before he can confess his sins to Beckett and Castle, they figure the next best place to look for answers is to his partner Brian Goodman’s Gary McCallister.

I wasn’t familiar with Joel Polis before tonight (at least, not to my knowledge), but he’s been in a lot of TV shows I watch such as Bones, Cold Case, and The Forgotten. I’m much more familiar with Brian Goodman, though. I saw him speak at a Q&A once and he is a fascinating guy. He plays such a convincing thug because that’s really how he grew up. You may remember seeing him in Bones, Lie To Me, or Rizzoli & Isles. He’s also a writer and director. If you haven’t seen What Doesn’t Kill You, I recommend it highly.

Jonathan Adams

McCallister, in turn, points them to Jonathan Adams’s drug dealer Vulcan Simmons. If there is anyone who would have profited – or been damaged – by having Beckett’s mom around it’s him.

I always wondered what happened to Jonathan Adams after he left Bones. He played Brennan’s boss at the Jeffersonian and I was sad to see him go.  And he’s been quite active since then in shows such as Women’s Murder Club, The Cleaner, and Desperate Housewives. It looks like he’s quite active in voiceover work, which makes sense. He’s got a great voice.

John Kapelos

When that lead runs dry, Beckett and Castle go see John Kapelos’s Joe Pulgatti. He was fingered for a murder he didn’t commit but tells them just what Raglan and McAllister were really up to.  John Kapelos has one of those faces. I know I’ve seen him a lot but I did have trouble placing where. He’s done work on Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money, and House.

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

And Max Martini’s Hal Lockwood is the trigger man. He took Raglan out and he would have taken Beckett out if Castle hadn’t jumped on him and beaten him into unconsciousness.  He’s got the face of soldier/cop or a criminal so that’s where he’s gotten a lot of work. You might recognize him from Burn Notice, The Unit, Dark Blue, White Collar, and Hawaii Five-0.

What a great episode and what great work by all of these actors. I’m ready for next week’s episode now!

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