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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: Sam Robards on The Good Wife and Body of Proof 

Photo Credit: CBS

This was a good week of be Sam Robards. He had two very different guest star turns. On The Good Wife he plays a convicted murderer who is trying to make money off that murder. In Body of Proof he plays a law firm partner who might be responsible for murdering his underling. Let’s revisit.

On The Good Wife Sam Robards is on trial for a song. He wrote a song about the murder he’s been serving the last 30 years in a mental institution for – or so Lockhart Gardner thinks. He’s got close to $1 million in royalities coming his way and Lockhart Gardner is trying to find a way to keep this man off the streets and to keep that money out of his pocket. They discover a way to do both when they realize the songs lyrics refer to an earlier unsolved murder.

In the pilot of Body of Proof Sam Robards comes across as a smarmy lawyer who is stepping out on his wife, at first. Or worse, a murderer. But as Dr. Hunt and the cops investigate the murder of one of his firm’s associates we come to see that he actually loved her and it was his wife who actually committed the murder.

I watch Gossip Girl, where I think he’s is criminally underused (although I understand why), and it’s nice to see Sam Robards do something different. He plays a creepy murderer with no remorse quite well on The Good Wife. I don’t know if I ever believed he had no real memory of the crime he committed, but the way he approached Alicia and tried to hire her was interesting and unexpected. I’m so glad they were able to get at the truth about what he’d done. On Body of Proof, I thought he was playing a pretty stock character until his wife admits to the murder. Well, she says, “I wish it had been you” (or something like that). His reaction to those words made me appreciate him on a whole new level. It was one of the best parts of the pilot for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dana Delany but it was nice to see a guest star’s role be a little meatier than expected.

I’m not caught up on Blue Bloods yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing his guest turn in “My Funny Valentine.” And I hope he continues to take these kinds of roles in addition to his work on Gossip Girl. I’d love to see more of him.

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