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Guest Star Goodness: Psych “Let’s Doo-Wop It Again” 

Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Gus is reunited with Tony and Drake, two members of his old acapella group (called Blackapella). The man that helped Tony and Drake when they were young is shot, and it’s up to them to figure out who the culprit is. Plus, Shawn gets a bad case of appendicitis after joining Blackapella. Although, he renamed the group Quarter Black, which is kind of crazy since it should actually be Quarter White, or at the very least, Three Quarters Black. Thankfully Shawn didn’t get his way. Blackapella they remained. I loved this episode because of the guest stars, we got to see Blackapella perform, and Gus was truly competent during the investigation.

Jaleel White & Mekhi Phifer

Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

The Role: Tony
Psych Assessment: This is a return appearance for Tony, who had no problem talking Gus into helping them solve the case of his friend’s shooting. While embroiled in the investigation, Tony got kidnapped. Just like last time he was on the show (only then it was with Kenan Thompson who played Joon). It’s his thing, I guess.
The Actor: Jaleel White. Of course, he will forever be known as one of the most iconic TV nerds of all time — Steve Urkel from the TGIF classic sitcom, Family Matters. Although, he was also the utterly suave Stefan Urquelle. Loved that alter ego of Urkel’s. Recently, Jaleel has been all over the place. He guest-starred on NCIS and House and is now exercising some smooth moves as a celebrity contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. By the way, the second we heard he was going to be part of the DWTS cast, we picked him as the one we want to take the mirrorball trophy. So, don’t let us down, America!

The Role: Drake
Psych Assessment: Drake wasn’t in the first episode to feature Blackapella, but he was a great addition. Loved how he hated Lassie’s constant insults using various black artists through the years including the O’Jays and the Pips. However, he was a bit cowardly as he had no problem letting Tina know he could shoot Gus ten times in a row if she wanted; or letting Gus do the stealth work that needed to be done to get intel on who shot Deacon Jones.
The Actor: Mekhi Phifer. This guy is so well known for movies and TV — but especially for his work on the small screen. I still remember him from his MTV movie Carmen: A Hip Hopera (w/ Beyoncé). He was a regular on ER, Lie to Me and Torchwood: Miracle Day. On the big screen, one of his most memorable roles was as Lem in Soul Food.

Cheech Marin

Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

The Role: Deacon Jones
Psych Assessment: Deacon was the man being honored for his work heading up an at-risk organization called Right Now. He helped kids get out of gangs so they can lead better lives. It turned out he went above and beyond the call of duty having embezzled money from his own charity in order to pay for the freedom of some of the kids who wanted out of the gangs. The head of security shot Deacon because he realized the man was doing too good a job cleaning up the streets and had to do something or else his security business would go down the tubes.
The Actor: Cheech Marin. Marin’s known for being part of the classic comedy duo Cheech & Chong. Their successful comedy act turned into a series of big screen cult hits. They continue to perform on a national comedy tour. On TV, he co-starred with Don Johnson on the Carlton Cuse-creation Nash Bridges. He also did a guest-star stint on Lost (as Hurley’s dad) and is currently on CBS’ ¡Rob! playing Rob Schneider’s overprotective father-in-law.

Liza Lapira

Photo Credit: ABC/BOB D'AMICO

The Role: Tina
Psych Assessment: Tina worked with Deacon Jones, she was in charge of the financial side of his charity. She was also a bit of a badass. She did whatever she could to find out who was embezzling money from the charity including taking on a gang member. Loved her little exchange with Shawn who was only in the room because of an iPAD Gus was holding. He was stuck in the hospital having had his appendix taken out.
The Actress: Liza Lapira. Love her. She was Special Agent Michelle Lee on NCIS — she turned out to be the mole Gibbs and co. were hunting down. Lee was also in a relationship with Jimmy Palmer. One of my favorite McGee lines came in “Cloak” after the group learned she was the mole they had been looking for: “Jimmy, I’m sorry your girlfriend turned out to be a Cylon.” Agent Lee was the Cylon. She also had roles in: Law & Order: SVU, Dexter, Huff and Dollhouse. After being a regular on the short-lived series Traffic Light, she had a sizable role as Emma Stone’s best friend in Crazy, Stupid, Love. She is currently a regular on ABC’s new series, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 that premieres Wednesday, April 11 at 9:30/8:30c.

Kristy Swanson

Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

The Role: Marlowe
Psych Assessment: Marlowe is Lassie’s girlfriend who was first introduced in “This Episode Sucks.” Currently, Marlowe’s behind bars but Gus and Lassie needed her help to get close to a leader of one of the gangs, who just so happened to be in the same jail with her. In order to get on Lil Sis’ good side, Marlowe broke Lassie’s nose. He appreciated it though because she did a good job and got some intel for him. She also got herself a new ‘do in the form of cornrows (just like Lil Sis). Hilarious.
The Actress: Kristy Swanson. Swanson’s the big screen Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was also in Dude, Where’s My Car? And she won the only season of Fox’s reality competition, Skating with Celebrities.

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