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Moment of Goodness: Peter Gets His Job Back, White Collar “Parting Shots” 

Photo Credit: Robert Ascroft/USA Network

Warning: Spoilers for “Parting Shots” episode

Have I told you guys lately how much I love White Collar? No? Well, I do. Lots. Last season was all about the deconstruction of Peter and Neal’s professional and personal relationship. It was a little bit trying for me because they weren’t on the same page at all. Peter was constantly suspicious of Neal and Neal was constantly planning his getaway so he could do whatever with that U-boat treasure. Color me happy this season because all I’m seeing is how these two are back on the same page. It’s all about the little things. Neal keeps bringing Peter lunch at the evidence cave. And Peter keeps exhibiting the many ways he knows Neal. It’s because he does have such a good handle on his partner that he’s able to figure out that he needs to get the widow Sophie Covington and Neal’s ex, Sara, to transfer 50 million dollars into Neal’s rainy day account so he can entrap the big bad of the episode. And that’s exactly what happens. Peter (and Neal) did good.

By the end of the hour, the verdict on Peter’s FBI future is in: he’s back investigating crimes of a white collar nature. Neal reads the decree and everyone takes part in a champagne toast. So, now, we can put to bed everything that happened at the end of last season and the beginning of season 4. Neal’s no longer a fugitive. He and Peter are no longer separated. When White Collar returns in two weeks with a new episode, the team will be reunited. That’s why Peter getting his old gig back has to be considered the Moment of Goodness for “Parting Shots.”

Some other thoughts about the episode:

  • I loved how they incorporated Neal’s hat in the action again. I think Neal’s hats have become an actual character on the show. Just kidding, but you know what I mean. They’re a part of this show, not just a part of Neal’s wardrobe.
  • It was great how Peter worked his way onto being a consultant on this latest case.
  • I can’t believe Peter came up with Neal…Armstrong for an alias. What was he thinking?
  • I wish they could have given Brett Cullen more to do. As boss of the evidence garage or cave or warehouse or whatver you want to call it, he didn’t get to do much but play out a thankless role. Somebody else could have done that. Brett is so great, I would have loved to have seen him do more on this show.
  • OK, we’re four episodes in. I’m officially waiting for them to do something with Jones and Diana. They haven’t done much yet. But I’m a patient person. Hopefully, something will happen for them.
  • I’m glad Neal had serious doubts about conning a widow. Ultimately, he did what he did to protect her, but it’s good to know he has a code. There are boundaries he doesn’t want to overstep.
  • Is anything ever going to go on between Sara and Neal again? I still feel like their story is incomplete, but maybe that’s just me. What do you guys think? So far this season, he’s already had quite the entanglement with Mia during his fugitive days and he had a bit of a connection with Sophie in “Parting Shots.” I’m just not ready to write off Sara and Neal just yet.
  • And, of course, just as Neal was trying to get information on his dad — and how he might not be the criminal he thought — someone hurts Ellen. I’ve actually really loved the Neal/Ellen friendship these last few episodes and I’ve enjoyed getting to know Neal more through her. I already didn’t like that she was about to go away to hide deeper into Witness Protection. What really happened is much worse, although admittedly, I figured this is where things were going to lead. Now, he has to track down Sam, the guy Ellen told Neal would be a good source for all things his dad. We’re going to have to wait two weeks to see how this all plays out but the previews looked good so those two weeks better go frakkin’ quickly.

Some guest star goodness for “Parting Shots”:

Laura Vandervoort

White Collar Role: Sophie Covington, Grant Covington’s widow that was almost kidnapped (Neal saved her) and then almost kidnapped again (Neal saved her). Loved that she snagged his hat the first time around. She also proved she wasn’t stupid. When Neal went in for a hug, she went in for a kiss. See? Not stupid at all. Actually, she was a smart girl. She wasn’t a gold digger (hallelujah) and she wanted to do some good with all that cash her hubby left her.
The Actress: Vandervoort played Sadie, Jude’s beautiful sister, on the Canadian series, Instant Star. In America, the series aired on what was then called The N. On Smallville, she had a recurring role as Clark’s Kryptonian cousin, Kara, who also happened to be Supergirl. On V, she was Anna’s daughter, Lisa, who unfortunately got saddled with the son of Elizabeth Mitchell’s character.

Peter Hermann

White Collar Role: Wilson Mailer, Grant Covington’s hedge fund partner. He was, predictably, the one that killed Grant and attempted to kidnap Sophie. He did it all for the money, your honor.
The Actor: It was kind of appropriate that a Law & Order: SVU preceded this episode of White Collar considering that he had a recurring role on the show as Trevor Langan, a high-priced defense lawyer. He also met his wife on the set of the NBC drama. You may have heard of her: it’s Mariska Hargitay. I once saw Hermann in an Off-Broadway play called High Infidelity. He was also on the daytime soap, Guiding Light; had roles on the ABC Family series, Beautiful People and the short-lived ABC series Cashmere Mafia; and guest-starred on The Good Wife as well as five episodes of the recently canceled A Gifted Man.

Casey Siemaszko

White Collar Role: Freddy Slavkin, the investigator Wilson Mailer’s wife hires to get the goods on her husband and his alleged relationship with Sophie. He actually gets pictures of Sophie and Neal’s kiss; and he, ultimately, helps get the bad guy.
The Actor: In my world, I first started noticing Casey on the big screen in movies like Class, Three O’Clock High and Young Guns. On the small screen, he’s guest starred on a couple episodes of Oz; he played Internal Affairs Captain Pat Fraker on NYPD Blue; and is Detective Dan Williams on Damages.

White Collar airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on USA Network.

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