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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: 30 Rock “Live From Studio 6H” 

Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

I can’t imagine all the preparation that goes into doing a live show. When I heard 30 Rock would go live again, I got excited. I thought the last live show was hilarious and wondered what they’d do to up their game. I enjoyed all the “flashbacks” to live TV shows of yesteryear. Did this episode move the show’s plot forward? Not so much. Was it really fun and funny to watch? Oh yeah.

Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC

My favorite moment had to be the Fred Armisen/Jimmy Fallon moment. So funny. I love that Fred Armisen didn’t even have to say a word. And watching anyone try not to laugh on live TV is always hysterical. Let’s revisit all the guest star goodness that happened in the show.

Amy Poehler as a 16 year-old Liz Lemon. That woman is a goddess. A Pawnee goddess. There isn’t anything she can’t do.

Kim Kardashian. No comment.

Cheyenne Jackson. I love that he sung during the opening credits (after stealing the spotlight from Jenna) and gave us a live update of the NFL draft. Why isn’t he on the show more? We got an explanation, but it was kind of lame. He’s awesome. I hope he’s back for good.

Chris Parnell. Ah, Dr. Spaceman. He spends most of his time in Suburgatory but makes an occassional appearance as a quack doctor here. I can’t get enough.

Will Forte. Ok, he’s technically recurring. But I love that he’s back in Jenna’s life permanently after their sexual walkabout and all he wants to do is marry her. And be the man in their relationship. Will they ever have a “normal” relationship? No and that’s a good thing.

Jon Hamm. He can make anything funny. Seeing him play a black man was so hilariously, inappropriately amazing.

Brian Williams. It’s always great to see him on the show. In his vignette he plays a chauvanistic 1960s newcaster. Neither he nor Alec Baldwin’s Chet can believe Tina Fey’s Jamie Garnett can be a reporter. They say hilarious inappropriate things because they can’t believe she’s their reporter.

Donald Glover. You know he used to write for the show, right? I love him on Community, I love him here. He had some sweet dance moves and portrayed a young Tracy Morgan – who apparently was religious and intelligent – quite well.

Jimmy Fallon. As a young Jack Donaghy, he was pretty great. The look and the voice were perfect. Good job.

Fred Armisen. He didn’t even have to say a word to have the funniest moment of the night. I also enjoyed seeing him dressed as Frank – hat and all – at the end of the show.

Favorite line:

“Tonight’s the night Hazel. I do my surprise cameo, it goes viral, I take medicine for it. Next stop Hollywood… Florida to get the car from my mom. Next stop California… Pizza Kitchen to tell my old boss Nadine to suck it. Next stop tinseltown… because Christmas decorations are really cheap this time of year.”

30 Rock airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.

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