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Moment of Goodness

Castle’s Moment of Goodness: Castle Must Compose Himself After the Kiss 

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Wow. There was a lot of hype going into tonight’s episode. I am one of many who have been clamoring for Castle and Beckett to get together already. Castle’s a free man and hopefully Kate will soon be a free woman. But until then I’m feeling quite satiated in my need to see the progression of the Castle/Beckett relationship. That kiss was hot. Castle’s reaction afterwards? Hotter.

I think by now we all know Castle is the girl in this relationship. Beckett gets to carry around the gun and she is often protecting Castle as well as defending his honor. When their ruse of drunkenness doesn’t fool Lockwood’s lookout, they have to do something fast. So Castle kisses Beckett. Well, I guess what they really do is have a make out session. And just as the lookout drops his guard, Kate knocks him out. When Castle says that was amazing, he quickly backtracks and assures her he’s talking about her kick. But when she turns around and he has to compose himself – the way he touches his lips? Come on! – we know different. I may or may not have watched that moment three times. I may or may not have to watch it a few more times. This episode isn’t getting erased from my DVR anytime soon.


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