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Random Thoughts about Community “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design” 

Photo Credit: NBC

Last night’s Community was one of the best of the season. I couldn’t pinpoint the greatest moment because there was so much to love about “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design.”  

  • It could have been the dialogue – there were so many great lines.
  • It could have been the fact Jeff and Annie spent a lot of time together. I’ve always seen their chemistry but I’ve also thought that Annie’s way too you young for the Wing-man. But when Jeff tackled Annie and they were on the ground together, it was such a great moment; one that was crackling with chemistry. I became a Jeff/Annie fan.
  • And the conspiracy theory stand-off was pretty amazing too. Dean Pelton makes me laugh hysterically and when each double cross happened I couldn’t stop laughing solely from his over-the-top reactions.
  • And the fact that he’s writing a novel is hysterical as well.
  • And, yes, I’ve said this before, but his man crush on Jeff never gets old.
  • The blanket fort was beyond brilliant. I love how under the sheets it was a whole new way of life.
  • I can’t believe Jeff tried to use the name Professor Professorson.
  • The fact that Jeff was really trying to pass off a conspiracy theory class as independent study was such a cocky lawyer thing to do. The guy is ambitious when it comes to slacking his way through school. It’s admirable.
  • The characters on this show don’t always make sense. Sometimes I don’t know what they’re saying and I don’t care. I still laugh.
  • Pierce went an entire episode without saying a single word. Plus, he still has the casts on. So great.
  • Abed and Troy’s ‘jammies were adorable. I just really dig their friendship and their unwillingness to be mainstream. I’m all for a cardboard submarine.
  • Was Kevin Corrigan channeling Christopher Walken as Professor Professorson?
  • It was great to see Corrigan, by the way. He’s been in “Grounded for Life,” “Fringe,” and ‘The Black Donnellys.” He’s starred in countless movies like “The Departed,” “Goodfellas,” and one of my favorites, “Living in Oblivion.”
  • I don’t know what Abed and Troy’s underground (or underblanket) existence reminded me of the most. Was it that pirate city in the original Star Wars?
  • The chase through blanky-town was cool with them hitting different sectors like the Turkish district and wherever Britta was mysteriously hanging out. There was also a Latvian independence parade.
  • Annie’s diorama was vibrant and just so very her down to the sunglasses on the animals. She lives life in bright colors.
  • The explosive threat against Annie’s investigation turned out to be a miniscule pop that blew up the toy car. Hilarious, laugh out loud moment.
  • I liked how it was during the deceptions Annie brought up the kiss from last season’s finale. Pretty ingenious and not at all expected.
  • The characters make references to shows on non-NBC networks. Very funny.
  • I just love how truly bizarre Community is.
  • “Thanks but I think I’ll find something more grown up to do.” “Enjoy eating fiber and watching The Mentalist.”
  • “You’re going to Nancy Screw me out of my credits.”
  • “Looks like someone sent us a message. A tiny, thoroughly, underwhelming message.”
  • “I’m sorry, Shirley, but who wants to hang out a blanket fort with grown men in tiny underoos. Hello!
  • “You shouldn’t be in here, Leonard, you already have three farting strikes against you.”
  • “And…scene.”
  • “Did you just mispronounce et cetera?” “My Latin class was fake, Jeff.”
  • “I’m proud of Annie. She took to deception like Abed took to Cougar Town.”

Community is clearly the funniest comedy on TV and I’m beyond glad NBC has ordered two more episodes of this under-rated show bringing the Season Two total to 24 installments. I actually applaud the peacock network for that decision.

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