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Dexter “Are You…?” 

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I think it’s too earlier to say that Dexter has “recovered” or “bounced back” from a pretty disappointing sixth season, but I feel like it’s definitely on its way. And that’s not to say everything about season six was bad, because it wasn’t. But when you guess the “secret” of the villain way before the reveal and have a bit of a problem (wow, that’s an understatement) with Deb’s feelings for Dexter, I think it’s fair to say last season was a bit of a slog. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be tuning in this season. But I kept hearing good things and was very pleased with what I saw when the trailers were released for the show. I think the best decision the showrunner made was for Deb to find out about Dexter. Yes, it started at the end of last season but there was still so much wonderful tension in this episode. I like that Dexter was still trying to mislead her. I like that Dexter felt he still needed to protect his secret. And there are still things Deb doesn’t know. And we’re not really sure what Dexter will do now that Deb knows.

A feel a creative resurgence, a story renaissance going on. There’s still so much story to tell because we’re truly in unchartered waters here. Dexter needs to kill to feel in control. But how can he feel that way when Deb knows something about him that he’s been hiding for so long? How can he feel in control when he doesn’t know what Deb will do now that she knows he’s a serial killer? He tried to make it seem like killing Travis was an anomoly, a one time thing. But I like that Deb went with her gut and kept digging. I love that Deb found everything he’d been hiding in his apartment. It was time for her to find out. Well, it’s been time for a while but I like that she definitively knows now. And did you see Dexter’s relief when he could finally admit what he was? I’m sure that was a huge weight off his chest. But will he regret the fact that she knows?  Is Deb safe from Dexter? I like that I don’t know the answer to that question.

Guest Star Goodness

It looks like Ray Stevenson and Jason Gedrick have season long arcs, so I can’t really call them guest stars. But since this is the first appearance of both I might as well take this opportunity to remind you where you may have seen them before. I know and love Ray Stevenson from HBO’s Rome. He mostly does films so I’m quite excited to see him on the small screen playing Ukranian mobster Isaac Sirko.

Jason Gedrick plays George Novikov. Quinn knows him from his narcotics days as a low level thug. Now he manages a few Miami-area strip clubs and reports to Isaac. Jason Gedrick has appeared on a number of TV shows. In the past few years he’s been in Luck and Necessary Roughness. I like him; I’m glad he’s on the show.

Photo Credit: Showtime

Someone who was truly a guest star in the episode was Enver Gjokaj, who played Viktor Baskov. He was trying to dispose of a body when he killed cop Mike Anderson. Dexter killed him, but did not dispose of the body in his usual way. Uh oh. I smell trouble. You probably know Enver from his roll on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse or from his guest appearances on Person of Interest, Community, or Undercovers. I get so excited whenever I see him on my television. I hope he finds another series regular role (if that’s what he wants) and soon.


  • I still don’t know about Josh Cooke‘s Louis. I didn’t like him last season, but he could be an interesting wrinkle for Dexter this season. I like that Dexter isn’t a fan. I kind of like that Louis is trying to jam Dexter up. But when Dexter finds out what’s he’s up to I hope Louis realizes what he’s in for. Actually, maybe I don’t. Louis is creepy. I’m not saying he deserves to die but I wouldn’t mind seeing Dexter scare him a little.
  • I’m strangely happy that Quinn and Batista are getting along again. Quinn was such a wreck at the end of last season and it wasn’t pretty. I think Batista was doing what he needed to do to protect his job and help his friend, but I’m glad all that drama is over now. Aren’t you?

Dexter airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime.

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