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Catching up on Homeland 

Photo Credit: Showtime

I just watched the last three episodes (“Crossfire,” “Representative Brody,” and “The Vest”). Wow. What can I say about Homeland that you don’t already know? The cast: impressive. The acting: nuanced and powerful. The story: satisfyingly complex. The tone: serious with moments of humor, shock, sympathy, and surprise. If you haven’t been watching you’re missing out on one of the best new shows on television. 

Photo Credit: Showtime

Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison is your classic unreliable narrator. For the longest time it was easier to believe her illness was making her see things that weren’t there. To suspect a prisoner of war, a decorated soldier to be a traitor? Unthinkable in so many ways. But as we got to know Damian Lewis‘ Nicholas Brody we could see he had things to hide. He wasn’t being honest with anyone – his family, his friends, or his government – about what he went through over there.

I was shocked, not maybe not entirely surprised, when Carrie and Brody started their affair. Here were two damaged people who had a connection despite the fact that they were both lying about who they are and what they wanted. And even more interesting, they both seemed to be caught totally off guard by the intensity of their feelings for each other.

After Carrie was forced to come clean about her suspicions and her spying, that was the end of that – at least for Brody. As the CIA’s focus moved to Tom Walker and finding him before the highly trained sniper took out his target, things started to get even more complicated. Tom Walker was always just out of reach but why? Abu Nasir was much more connected and informed than anyone suspected.

Carrie points out that Abu Nasir has a history of going big and bold so Tom Walker can’t be working alone. But the only person listening to her right now is Saul. Brody has the bomb vest in his possession and has just announced his candidacy. His daughter Dana has noticed his strange behavior but she’s only confided that to her boyfriend. The mission that was supposed to capture Tom Walker ended in an explosion that took out the CIA’s only connection to Abu Nasir and sent Carrie spinning. Carrie’s basically out of commission while her sister gets Carrie back on her meds and stabilized. It could take up to a week, which is precious time they don’t have.

Not only does the CIA find out Carrie had an affair with Brody, but she’s put on “administrative leave,” which means she’s done at Langley. And that’s very bad news for Abu Nasir’s targets. Despite her condition (and also partly because of it) Carrie is able to map out Nasir’s actions and intentions. But the powers that be are done listening to Carrie – for now.

So what does all this mean for the finale? I don’t know but I can’t wait to see it. I want to know if Carrie has a chance to redeem herself. Will Saul put his career and his life on the line to back Carrie up? Who is Tom Walker’s sniper rifle trained on? Will Brody go through with the plan?


I’ve got to mention the impressive work done by the supporting cast. Mandy Patinkin is always great and here he doesn’t disappoint. Saul’s going through a lot at home and at work but it’s nice to see he still cares about Carrie and wants to help her. We’ve never seen Morena Baccarin like this. Her portrayal and Brody’s wife has been inspired. She’s been able to play such a wide arrange of emotions and I’ve loved watching every minute of it. Also great are Diego Klattenhoff, David Harewood, Navid Negahban, Jackson Pace, and Morgan Saylor.

The 90 minute season finale of Homeland airs tonight at 10/9c.

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